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How Do You Find The Right Fast Loan To Suit You!

Life can and is unpredictable, and if you don’t come prepared, you’re going to have a hard time – especially when it involves money. Your car might suddenly break down, or there’s a medical bill that needs to be paid and you don’t have the cash, then it may be time to look at options for loans.

But where can you take out a loan quickly? Sadly, most lenders who offer quick loans are more on the expensive side of thing. Nonetheless, it’s still an important information to have.

  • Personal Loans – Most personal loans have a reasonable APR with good payment terms, making payments easy and affordable.
  • Payday Alternative Loans – You are able to get this type of loan through credit unions. This type of loan provides a small amount of money with a reasonable amount of interest.
  • Payday Loans – You can easily get the money you need on a payday loan, but with a much higher risk.
  • Title loans – This loan allows you to borrow against your assets, with a very pricey fee.
  • Pawn Shops – Offers you money for an item in which you need to repay or it gets repossessed by the pawn shop.

We’ll be discussing more about these loans further down. There is just one thing that you need to know.

Avoid Predatory Lenders

Banks are not well known for handing out small loans, but when it comes to loans and finances, you can never go wrong with them. They may take a slightly longer time to evaluate and review your loans, but if you have the time, you are definitely going to save a few bucks.

When lenders advertise their loans as quick funding, you will likely have to pay high interest rates and fees to get your funding. And with that, you might end up being in more debt than what you have started. Way your options properly and check out alternatives first, but if you don’t really have any other option, be sure to manage your finances properly.

Personal Loans

Personal loans can be taken from a bank, credit-union, or to online lenders. So basically, everywhere. Most personal loans are unsecured loans, which means that you aren’t required to pledge a collateral in order for your application to get approved. Rather, the lenders will focus on your credibility such as your credit score, history, and income in determining whether you’re eligible for the loan or not.

Getting Approved:

  • Credit: Lenders will do an inquiry on your credit history and see how well you manage your debts. If you pay them on time or if you pay them at all. It may include other factors which vary from lender to lender, the better your record the more likely you’ll get your funds quickly.
  • Income: Main thing that lenders will take a look at when judging if you are capable of repaying your debt is your debt-to-income ratio. Your DTI is a comparison of your monthly income to your monthly payments.

Some lenders are quick on reviewing your finances and your credibility, making it possible to apply and get the funds in the same day. The payment terms and rates will be dependent on your credentials.

Online Lenders:

When comparing and shopping for lenders, online lenders shouldn’t be ignored. Online lenders are one of the best options out there when it comes to getting money quick – especially if you have a not so desirable credit score. Rather than focusing on your credit history, online lenders have some different criteria such as education background, career path, and other unorthodox ways.

You can apply for online loans at the comforts of your own home and not be bothered going out. The process usually takes a few hours and within the day, you’ll get your funds.

Peer-to-Peer Lenders:

Peer-to-peer lenders are a different kind of online lenders which offers personal loans. When borrowing from a p2p lender, you are borrowing from individuals rather than a traditional bank or organizations. How this works is that people with extra cash can put up their money available to borrowers, and the peer-to-peer lenders would handle the rest.

Payday Alternative Loans:

Credit Unions have come up with the Payday Alternative Loans which is designed to prevent people from taking out high-cost and high-risk payday loans. With less fees, low interest rates, and a longer time frame in paying off the debt a payday alternative loan is certainly better compared to a Payday Loan.

Payday Loans:

Payday loans are widespread and can be found almost anywhere. On a payday loan, the moment you apply, you get asked to pay a fee with very high interest rates. When borrowing $100, you might be paying as high as $15 in interest. If you really don’t have any choice, then a payday loan is one way to get quick cash.

Auto Title Loans:

Just like its name, you might be able to get a quick cash when you offer your car as a collateral. In order to do so, the vehicle must be fully paid-off or you must have enough equity. How it works is that you transfer the ownership of said vehicle to the lender, and they will hold on to it until you’ve paid your debt. Just like a payday loan, it has an astronomically high interest rate of up to 300% APR and a payment term of just 30 days.

If you fail to pay back the loan, the vehicle is then repossessed by the lender. That’s why it’s very risky to use your assets as a collateral in taking out loans.

Pawn Shop Loans:

When borrowing from a pawn shop, they will require you to leave an item with the exact or close to value. You then need to repay the loan in certain amount of time, and if you’re able to – you get your item back. But if not, the pawnshop sells your item to the public.

Other Ways to Get Funds Quickly

If you’re resourceful enough, getting money without taking out a loan is possible.

Payroll Advance:

Check in with your employee and see if they are offering payroll advances. That way, you can take out funds from your upcoming paycheck. Besides, you’ve already worked the hours so paying you a little bit early won’t damage or pose any threat to your employers.

Sell Stuff:

You can sell items in your house that you’ve rarely used or are not of use anymore. On top of getting the funds that you need, you are saving space as well. You can put those items up online and you might be able to fetch a hefty price.

Friends and Family: Before doing something as drastic as taking out a loan, why not ask for help from your friends and family first. After all, out of all the lenders – they are the best ones, that’s only if they allow you to borrow of course.

Just make sure to put into writing what terms you’ve agreed upon with the other party and make sure to repay as to avoid ruining your relationship with them.