YouTube: dog ‘cries’ to listen song from movie Frozen and moves the network

The pet wakes up to hear the song from the movie ‘Frozen’.

The story of the film “Frozen” has captivated millions of people in the world, but the song of the film also a success that has even managed to move the animals. As demonstrated by a video uploaded to youtubeonfire.

The video of a pet that enjoy the theme of ‘Frozen’ has become a virus, after its publication on YouTube, one of the most popular portals in the world.

The recording shows a pet wake up to hear the song ‘ Let it go ‘. The animal, which is inside a vehicle, howling as it sounds the song in the background.

A few seconds later when the subject stops sounding, puppy returns to calm and still resting, as shown in the YouTube video which is a success on the web.

The images have been around the world after its publication more than one week ago.YouTube Portal more than 3 million users have seen the clip.

Social media users are moved with the attitude of the small animal that seems to enjoy his favorite song.

“Frozen” is a production of Walt Disney that was released last year and stole the heart of young and old. It has been two Oscar winner: one for best animated film and another just for best original song “Let it go”.


Website YouTube official song of the film has garnered millions of visits after one year of having been published.

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