These are the best songs for traveling by car

The initiative is part of the campaign start amrcha during this Easter by the Traffic Department , for which have opened the web , where in addition to the latest proposals on security and recommendations such as not using the caril left more than for overtaking, and not to forget to use the itnermitentes, people who access the site can make suggestions music and vote for your favorite songs.

Surely many drivers have no choice but to resort to the favorite songs of their children, especially if they are small. in that case the “cantajuegos” send , or veterans’ clowns TV “that once were the kings of “radio cassette” , now replaced by a sound system, or even a “spike usb” with all songs we can get into their “gigas”, but then we are not able to find those that want to listen at all times.

Anyway, the list of the DGT is already taking shape with the feedback of drivers accessing your web, and even now available through Spotify , with the title of “Songs for travel ‘ .

In realdiad the list is very varied . Not only more topical songs. Also veterans issues are included selecting the best songs for travel . But if blunts one, this theme “Color esperanza” Diego Torres , now exceeding 97 votes.

The temporary list continues with songs performed by groups and Spanish singers or singing in Spanish. Probably because once inside the car we all feel a little “artists” and protected by the privacy of the vehicle we let go by “choirs” or singing family. Are the group Estopa and “The slit your skirt” who lelvan the moment the silver medal.

The “urban rock” Plasencia group led by Roberto Iniesta, “pouting”ranks third on the list. The eleventh studio album, entitled ‘For all ages “, was released on November 8, 2013, and recently announced their tour throughout Spain , from May to November, with more than 40 concerts scheduled. As you see, they will also tour the country on the thousands of cars that this Easter will be with our roads. Its theme in the list of the DGT is “Love and widens the soul” .

The ‘Top 5′ is completed with the group Donna Regina and its theme”Por La Boca Vive El Pez” in fourth place with a fireproof Joaquín knew that gets put a major dent in the glove of our cars with the theme ‘ Rev up. “

Among the current issues that are part of the selection of drivers through the DGT not lacking, for example, Pharrell Williams and his “Happy” .

We can enjoy a classic of La Guardia as theme “The Road” , Rihannawith the song “Diamonds” , “The Boss” Bruce Springsteen and eternal “Born in the USA” , and closing the ‘Top 10′ Dani Martin and”Que bonita life” .

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