The Titans know about dentistry: dentist examines the music 32 teeth

How about a bit of music to inspire our day? And preferably music of good quality and that this has nothing to do with teeth. The Titans made a song called 32 teeth and that tells a story that we will talk then. Let’s view the lyrics of the song and you can put on the internet on some website so you can listen to the melody which is very good. We encourage national music, national rock and Albuquerque Dentistry.


TITANS-32 Teeth

“I’m never going to say what I really think

I’m never going to say what I really feel

I swear

I swear (for God)


I don’t trust anyone

I don’t trust anyone

Don’t trust anyone over 30

I don’t trust anyone with 32 Teeth


My father told me one day that I never lied

But he forgot to tell the truth

I don’t know how to make music, but I do

I can’t sing the songs that I do, but I sing

Nobody knows anything “


We can talk about three theories that might explain the lyrics to that song over theoretical knowledge of dentistry. Let’s take off in a world of assumptions and possibilities:

1-People with 32 teeth must be adults, which have all possible teeth in the mouth, with its central and lateral incisors, canines, premolars and molars, complete different from our children that have around 20 milk teeth, whiten and free from lies, try the Central and lateral incisors, canines and molars of milk, to a lesser extent and proportion. Then the music describes the fact and not being able to trust adults, that adults lie.


2-Another thing that we can think of is with regards to patient with 32 teeth have what we call judgment or teeth third molars permanent; and for the national rock, anything that has much sense is 100% reliable, as is the case of our parents who are synonymous with judgment.

3-listening to the music, thinking of the national rock and in dentistry, we can imagine a third reason for the letter. The third molars, are evolutionary teeth, teeth that are disappearing over the centuries and that have a tendency to stay in the past, disappear. So young people wanted the change, open the minds of the oldest, those who stopped in time and do not understand the musical movement, the transition and the movement of the art must always be free.


If any of these two theories explains the letter? No one besides the composers Branco Mello/Marcelo Fromer/Sérgio Britto can confirm or a big fan of rock nacional and the Titans. Where do you think the idea of the letter? I hope my explanations do make close to the real story and that the national rock has sought some dentistry to make art in the form of music.

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