The International Music Band Contest Villa de Dosbarrios be held on July 18

Band Association Friends of Music of Yecla (Murcia), directed by Ángel Hernández, won first prize in the VII Contest of Bands “Villa de Dosbarrios”, held on Saturday July 26 in Dosbarrios (Toledo). In turn, the musical group Montesinos (Alicante), directed by José Vicente Pérez, won the second prize.   The first prize is for a prize of four thousand euros and a high donated by the Consulate saxophone music distributor Mar. The second prize with a prize of two thousand euros and cello donated by the same distributor. In addition, as a novelty at this year’s Jury Prize awarded a “Best Soloist Al” for also belonging to the winning Band saxophone solo.


The competition was again a great success in terms of participation since the vast majority of the inhabitants of Dosbarrios as well as nearby towns and even neighbors participating locations, led by their respective mayors not want to miss the event. In total we estimate that more than 2300 spectators attended a town whose population is just over 2000 inhabitants.


It featured a panel of highly respected in the world of bands and saxophone in particular. The same was composed of: Mr Joaquín Franco Pallás, Professor of Saxophone at the Royal Conservatory of Madrid, Juan Bautista Meseguer Llopis, Head of the Music Unit Headquarters Land Valencia High Availability Manager and Rafael Sanz Espert, Director of the Municipal Symphonic Band of Madrid.
The VII CIBM “Mauritius villa” on the 200th anniversary of the birth of Adolphe Sax invented the saxophone, has had the honor of paying tribute to one of the leading figures of saxophone 50 years, D. Pedro Iturralde, composer Forced Work of this issue, “Hellenic Suite”, and who were honored with his presence he had.


The competition ended with the intervention out of competition of the Musical Union Santa Cecilia Dosbarrios, who played the pasodoble Release “Fiestas in Dosbarrios” of D. Manuel Lillo e “Hispania” Oscar Navarro.
After the ceremony a celebration of brotherhood among musicians, visitors and villagers in the square of the Constitution which ended in the early hours of Sunday was held.
Another year, Dosbarrios again felt proud to show and prove to everyone his passion for music and its bicentennial tradition bandística pushed with great enthusiasm to create and organize this contest since 2008. Thus, the careful organization of the event, the great respect of the public towards the professionals who acted in it and the quality of the jury, were a good part of the success of the competition.

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