The child of the mortgage, music, humor and what you do well

Today Friday have reserved this post to talk about something sugarcane, fresh and good vibes to start the weekend. Long time ago a singer-songwriter who began playing in the metro discovered something called Youtube where to deploy their talent with the guitar. This is called Guiu cuts:

The child of the mortgage…

Since it opened its Youtube channel more than 6 years have passed and today dedicate you this post, as one of the greats in this medium.

To this mortgage brokers toronto, with guitar fame precedes and already in the past won several competitions of music as the Singer-songwriters of Elche. Has appeared in several television shows such as in the air or saved, has over 45,000 subscribers in your channel (The child of the mortgage) and more than 8 million visits, in addition to all the collaborations that have the best musicians, and comedians as the here wanted to Loulogio that already made the big hit of Joint-not smoke marijuana , and already has three albums “You go well”, “My girlfriend’s second B”, and “free Hits”, the latter it can be purchased at your free web page, The child of the mortgage.

Wouldn’t like to define their music as singer-songwriter blended with Pop, Rock, Jazz and French song… but going won’t follow because I am not an expert of the matter. I still say cool us their good vibes and those letters full of optimism and dynamism with certain critical in tough times. We consider it one of the musicians who better their musical offerings has adapted to the digital age and that authenticity that puts in each chord.

Finally I leave a couple of videos so that you may know what you subscribe to your channel and follow you by where you pass.

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