Removing dents Trumpet ball bearings

Repair dents in a lead pipe can be achieved with ball bearings skf or vong bi skf in vietnamese.



Dents a  trumpet  affect your sound and make field is lost.  small dents, especially in the lead pipe, create problems with intonation and sound quality. A method for removing  dents involves the use of  trumpet  ball  bearings skf steel are the same size as the lead pipe.  You can special order the right size ball bearing skf of a music store in your area.  Normally, balls  bearings  are available only for manufacturers of trumpet and music workshops.  No But any steel ball that fits inside the main pipe of the trumpet will work.


What you need


Strong Magnet


Measure opening of the main pipe of the trumpet and find a ball bearing that fits inside the tube lead trumpet.  It has to fit snugly, provided the ball bearing fits easily inside.  The bearing most commonly used balls that works in most trumpets is 1/4 inch wide.


Wrap a high-strength magnet on a soft cloth and place the magnet on the top of the pipe in which there is a dent.


Place the ball bearing inside the trumpet and use the magnet to roll the ball over the dent from the inside of the trumpet.  Continue to roll until it disappears Dent Dent.


Tips and Warnings

Most music stores will  remove  dents in the instrument for a small fee. Consider an evaluation of a music store before attempting this repair yourself

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