Our new song with Lidia Damunt: On the island of Scarves

Hello Cuca is one of the most special projects available to the independent Spanish scene. Sound and different letters, not to mention career background who have been with more than 10 years in business. The group maintains a high level and live singer,Lidia Damunt , you can afford to choose out a solo LP, one after guitar.

On the island of scarves could be summarized in this way, with its sights set on the country-blues of the 50s in the US, when old genre had already begun to be more popular and influence beardless targets that would make children ill following the sexiest rock & roll that has ever been.

Well we can talk about Hank Williams (who revisits’ Mansion on a Hill ‘) than Woody Guthrie , who appears something of everyone in the LP of Lidia Damunt . Especially the nerve to the southern, folk music, guitar in hand and very direct.

On Lidia – Aloes 50 m ( YouTube )

The twelve songs can be seen as small hymns ready to get your site with more traditional elements. The sound is not anything special guitars that reiterate the same structure as long, while behind a quiet percussion combined with some ups remains, harmonica makes an appearance on certain issues, and the voice of Lidia Dalmunt is hard and dark, with few concessions to change.

The strength is in the lyrics, where Spanish composer again demonstrates the talent that earned recognition Hello Cuca . Stories nonsensical at first hassles involved in different animals, clothing giving name to an island … every song has its personal touch. Even if we talk about the topic of conceptual album, the title of the LP could give us grounds to do so, since the twelve cuts relate to that island headscarves.

Lidia Damunt – En el fondo del mar ( YouTube )

Not to counteract the power of the title, ‘ Island of Scarves ‘is the best ever. Setting the scene, creating the environment where the next thirty minutes will be developed.Tambourines accompanied by background percussion and mild between voice and instrumental parts recited on said island.

Then they come: the rapid ‘ Eight seahorses ‘warmer in’ Palacio made ​​of rock ‘but with a great letter, classical stuck in’ Jasmine Tea ‘and some dark hand’ Aloes 50m ‘.

On the opposite side you should talk about the monotony of all cuts, one after another, as they do not offer much alternation between them, but the country-blues sometimes has these limitations. As The Island of scarves is rather an album to rescue songs and enjoy them slowly, avoiding repetition, because it is stopping them.

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