Music Marketing strategy: the secret to succeed online weapon

What is music marketing strategy?

Musical Marketing strategy is the way forward for every artist to meet some objectives. I go no further on the radio, 80% of my time invested in designing and implementing strategies of music marketing, in this case adapted to the radio format. You must be clear that it should be the most critical pillar of an artist’s career.

Estrategia de Marketing Musical

In these days we are promoting a new artist at Cadena Dial called Pablo López and good that it seems to me his future album (I have the master for one month though it goes on sale in September, it is what has to work in radio jjj ::) not arrive anywhere if it did not have a clear and definite musical marketing strategy. Currently this artist from Malaga, I repeat, with only a single market, full rooms of 500 people and increasingly will be capturing and cultivating what should be their community in the medium term, otherwise, it would go completely unnoticed and would have no option to Captivate and conquer the ear of leads (future followers).

Secret weapon?

When you talk about secret weapon it is because I think appropriate to know how leading brands around the world work to conquer new clients taking into account the brutal change of habit that in today’s society has been produced by the impact in our lives of smartphones basically. Thanks to this phenomenon, the public that you are going:

  • Believed to be more busy and stressed out than ever. Meditate this theme and see how I won’t be very misguided. Not you see that even that doesn’t work nothing always gives the feeling of being up to above?. This phenomenon is pure perception and psychology since 10 years ago, our free time used it to rest, bored, reading, etc. and now part of that time are spending it in “bug” Facebook, Twitter and in the phenomenon of the Whatsup which one day I devote a post full.
  • Knows that now more that never has power over any brand as if in the first few seconds you can not win him a single click of you put horns and give the opportunity to your competition. Yes, this is… As if it wasn’t enough, a simple negative review of your product on Google can be lethal, and that is not very difficult to achieve.
  • I love you feel exclusive, unique and different. Valued much discover a product (your’re a product) before anyone else and feel part of the same (community)
  • It has a level of demand much higher than before. Now leave thanks to the network more artists than ever but very few manage to taste success.

How to apply it…

We are going to the mess. When you go to launch a music marketing strategy always you must take into account this graph. I can assure you that when I discovered that it was the recipe that applied brands such as Apple, Starbucks and Coca-Cola I start it on all my projects with radio and especially in Musicalizza having fully convinced that is the only way to go:

This is the graph called “Las curves of dissemination of Ideas of Moore” I discovered thanks to the greater world, Seth Godínmarketing guru, how should now move a business idea of success increasingly affecting more customers to the wider society.

15 years ago, to launch a new product, for example a new yogurt Danone, marking what he did was invest a large amount of dollars in the 3 large existing supports: tv, radio and press paper.In this way and to base of crushing us with ads constantly, I was able to launch their product and position it in the mind of the consumer. There was the internet of today and our subconscious was more likely has let yourself be persuaded by any (aggressive) advertising campaign.

Today, the online universe has changed the rules of the game and a product such as yours during launch, the first thingestrategia de marketing musical you have to search will be seducing the innovators and early adopters. If you look at the chart above, you’ll see that it’s a small group but will a brutal influence on the rest of society. On take it to the field of music, it could get example Pablo Alborán, but not designed strategy, began to become popular thanks to some videos on Youtubesinging from your own bedroom. The first who discovered the artist (among which I include myself), they felt the urgent need to share it with their own through social networks. A month, Paul had more than one million visits and a few months, the mouth ear caused the bulk of the society knew and is in love with to its fullest extent of your product.

So you must have clear that you must first conquer people who fall in love with your product and feel somehow “exclusive”. These early adopters to be promoted without your you wish and if the product is brilliant I will soon reach the most early and falling behind. Once arrived here you can say that your product has achieved success. Over time you will be losing strength and will remain with the so-called traditional.


What benefits?

You have this concept clear in your music marketing strategy will serve to:

  1. Always know at that point are and not get lost in the attempt.
  2. Adapt to the new needs of society.
  3. Go step by step creating community, essential in times running.

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I’ve helped you in something?, leave me your comment and I will put all of my part to convince you. If he has given you, share it with your loved ones and so help me to create community.

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