Finding Professional Southside Brisbane Patio Builders

Building a beautiful patio is not an easy project that can be executed by every do-it-yourselfer. It requires the services of professional builders. But finding the right patio contractor can be a difficult task with so many Southside Brisbane builders to choose from. The contractor is someone you will invite to your home and work closely with and so trust, compatibility and good rapport are essential to avoid frustration. If you are planning to build a beautiful patio in your backyard, here are some tips of finding Professional Southside Brisbane Patio Builders.


About Southside Brisbane

Named after the Brisbane River, Brisbane is the third most populous city in Australia. Brisbane has experienced consistent economic growth in the recent years due to the resources boom. The real estate market has particularly recorded tremendous growth, especially in Brisbane Southside. This location has three districts, namely South Eastern Suburbs, Southern Suburbs and South Western Suburbs, which are further divided into suburbs.

Finding patio builders brisbane qld

Ask for recommendations

Ask a family member, friend or neighbor for recommendations and you will get an honest account of their experience with the builder. Moreover, you can also witness the projects firsthand. Ask them whether the contractor was reliable and delivered high quality work. Besides that, you can ask for recommendations at a local building materials store. However, be aware that they may be biased to get a finder’s fee if the builder lands the job.

Check online

Another way to find a reliable patio builder is to search online. When searching, remember to include your locality so that you can find contractors within your area. Once you find a few names, do research on them to find out whether clients are satisfied with their work.

Arrange an interview

Once you get a few recommendations from your friends and neighbors, schedule an interview so that you can get to know more about these builders. Here are some of the pointers you can use to gauge his reliability:

– Is he time-consciousness? If he is not, then probably he will not be on time once you have already signed a contract

– Is he easy to talk to?

– Does he listen to your ideas?

– Does he offer useful suggestions?

Ask him as many questions as you can. Important areas that your questions should focus on include:

– Ask for proof of license and if possible, check with the relevant authority to verify its validity.

– Ask for the approximate start and finish date of the project. If you have any deadline, let him know upfront.

– Experience is very important and so you need to ask the contractor how many years he has been in business.

– Ask them about the work schedule for your project. Make sure all the workers arrive and leave at the same time every day while working.

– Inquire if they will have the same workers throughout the project.

– Ask for proof of liability and workers compensation insurance

Obtain 3 quotes

Ask each builder the same questions. The most costly will not always give you the best treatment while the cheapest bid may not be the most cost-effective.

Get References

Ask the contractor to provide you with a list of references. Preferably, it should contain recent and longtime customers to get genuine testimonies. This will also help you establish if the quality of workmanship has been maintained and if they are still satisfied with the service. When talking to references, you need to focus on the following issues:

– Check how the builder’s budget and time estimate compare with the results. Did the completed patio look exactly as they discussed? If you always want things done exactly as you want it within a reasonable budget and period, this is a very important factor.

– Is the contractor detail-oriented? Check if he finished the job cleanly or left a stucco mess on the patio. Did the contractor cut corners on the patio’s aesthetic work? If so, chances are he compromised the overall quality of the patio.

Get it in Writing

Before starting the project, make sure that everything is spelled out in the contract. Peruse the document thoroughly for any errors, inconsistencies or omissions. If possible, you can seek the assistance of a lawyer. Avoid contractors that want to be paid everything upfront. If you have to give any money upfront for buying materials, then it should be less than a third of the total cost.

Building a patio, from the design stage to finding the best contractor, is certainly challenging. However, the results are more enjoyable. When all the workers have left, you can sit back with a cold drink in your patio. But all these can only be possible when you hire a reliable contractor.

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