4 perfect movies for music lovers

You’re a lover of cinema and good music? You are looking for some movies with great soundtrack? So you can not miss these four hymns films presented by movie4k .


The film and the music always have been well. In fact, since until the film was sound, the music was already doomed to deal with this new art, serving as backdrop for all those scenes in motion that people looked perplexed and sceptical at the beginning. So much so that many times has been the music the main reason to shoot a film, that we do not understand some films without their respective soundtracks or that, simply, the film was a musical. But the film has also served at times to satisfy the concerns of many music lovers: either telling the story of groups (and entire generations) or serving as an extension of the creativity of some musicians. Proof of this, these four films about music perfect for lovers of good soundtracks. These films are all available and free on project free tv.

24 Hours Party People

The Decade of the 80s forever changed the history of British music and 24 Hours Party People is perhaps the best film to document everything that was conceived in the 1980s Manchester. Following in the footsteps of Tony Wilson, this fake documentary shows us the history of groups such as Joy Division and the Happy Mondays, as well as focusing on one of the most legendary clubs of those years (finance). One of the best films on music of the United Kingdom and key to understanding the importance of that Manchester and his music.

Part Of The Weekend Never Dies

We have all seen children preppies taking drug and adhering in fervent manner to any current electronic music but Part Of The Weekend is much more. In addition to the appearance of some of the greats of electronics, it is accompanied by 2manydjs (Soulwax members) by a world tour. What makes it a piece worthy of viewing? Impeccable Assembly, carrying the mashups of the djs to the photo field. Impressive.


As mentioned above, the history of British music is linked to the Manchester of the 80s and the reference group, which started it all, was Joy Division. Controltraces the history of the group, particularly focusing on the figure of the leader of the band – Ian Curtis and his dramatic final. For me, the best film of music that has been done in the history of the cinema, a gem that should be envisioned to understand the importance of the Group of Curtis and his printing press in British music.


Trainspotting is not a film about music, the soundtrack that accompanies each of the planes of this film is the constant anthem of a generation lost, trapped and affected by the tragedy of AIDS and overdose. An essential jewel for anyone who wants to see some of the best songs that has given the United Kingdom and want to discover a very different from the guidebooks of Scotland.

Music Marketing strategy: the secret to succeed online weapon

What is music marketing strategy?

Musical Marketing strategy is the way forward for every artist to meet some objectives. I go no further on the radio, 80% of my time invested in designing and implementing strategies of music marketing, in this case adapted to the radio format. You must be clear that it should be the most critical pillar of an artist’s career.

Estrategia de Marketing Musical

In these days we are promoting a new artist at Cadena Dial called Pablo López and good that it seems to me his future album (I have the master for one month though it goes on sale in September, it is what has to work in radio jjj ::) not arrive anywhere if it did not have a clear and definite musical marketing strategy. Currently this artist from Malaga, I repeat, with only a single market, full rooms of 500 people and increasingly will be capturing and cultivating what should be their community in the medium term, otherwise, it would go completely unnoticed and would have no option to Captivate and conquer the ear of leads (future followers).

Secret weapon?

When you talk about secret weapon it is because I think appropriate to know how leading brands around the world work to conquer new clients taking into account the brutal change of habit that in today’s society has been produced by the impact in our lives of smartphones basically. Thanks to this phenomenon, the public that you are going:

  • Believed to be more busy and stressed out than ever. Meditate this theme and see how I won’t be very misguided. Not you see that even that doesn’t work nothing always gives the feeling of being up to above?. This phenomenon is pure perception and psychology since 10 years ago, our free time used it to rest, bored, reading, etc. and now part of that time are spending it in “bug” Facebook, Twitter and in the phenomenon of the Whatsup which one day I devote a post full.
  • Knows that now more that never has power over any brand as if in the first few seconds you can not win him a single click of you put horns and give the opportunity to your competition. Yes, this is… As if it wasn’t enough, a simple negative review of your product on Google can be lethal, and that is not very difficult to achieve.
  • I love you feel exclusive, unique and different. Valued much discover a product (your’re a product) before anyone else and feel part of the same (community)
  • It has a level of demand much higher than before. Now leave thanks to the network more artists than ever but very few manage to taste success.

How to apply it…

We are going to the mess. When you go to launch a music marketing strategy always you must take into account this graph. I can assure you that when I discovered that it was the recipe that applied brands such as Apple, Starbucks and Coca-Cola I start it on all my projects with radio and especially in Musicalizza having fully convinced that is the only way to go:

This is the graph called “Las curves of dissemination of Ideas of Moore” I discovered thanks to the greater world, Seth Godínmarketing guru, how should now move a business idea of success increasingly affecting more customers to the wider society.

15 years ago, to launch a new product, for example a new yogurt Danone, marking what he did was invest a large amount of dollars in the 3 large existing supports: tv, radio and press paper.In this way and to base of crushing us with ads constantly, I was able to launch their product and position it in the mind of the consumer. There was the internet of today and our subconscious was more likely has let yourself be persuaded by any (aggressive) advertising campaign.

Today, the online universe has changed the rules of the game and a product such as yours during launch, the first thingestrategia de marketing musical you have to search will be seducing the innovators and early adopters. If you look at the chart above, you’ll see that it’s a small group but will a brutal influence on the rest of society. On take it to the field of music, it could get example Pablo Alborán, but not designed strategy, began to become popular thanks to some videos on Youtubesinging from your own bedroom. The first who discovered the artist (among which I include myself), they felt the urgent need to share it with their own through social networks. A month, Paul had more than one million visits and a few months, the mouth ear caused the bulk of the society knew and is in love with to its fullest extent of your product.

So you must have clear that you must first conquer people who fall in love with your product and feel somehow “exclusive”. These early adopters to be promoted without your you wish and if the product is brilliant I will soon reach the most early and falling behind. Once arrived here you can say that your product has achieved success. Over time you will be losing strength and will remain with the so-called traditional.


What benefits?

You have this concept clear in your music marketing strategy will serve to:

  1. Always know at that point are and not get lost in the attempt.
  2. Adapt to the new needs of society.
  3. Go step by step creating community, essential in times running.

4. video production for corporations in Calgary

I’ve helped you in something?, leave me your comment and I will put all of my part to convince you. If he has given you, share it with your loved ones and so help me to create community.

The child of the mortgage, music, humor and what you do well

Today Friday have reserved this post to talk about something sugarcane, fresh and good vibes to start the weekend. Long time ago a singer-songwriter who began playing in the metro discovered something called Youtube where to deploy their talent with the guitar. This is called Guiu cuts:

The child of the mortgage…

Since it opened its Youtube channel more than 6 years have passed and today dedicate you this post, as one of the greats in this medium.

To this mortgage brokers toronto, with guitar fame precedes and already in the past won several competitions of music as the Singer-songwriters of Elche. Has appeared in several television shows such as in the air or saved, has over 45,000 subscribers in your channel (The child of the mortgage) and more than 8 million visits, in addition to all the collaborations that have the best musicians, and comedians as the here wanted to Loulogio that already made the big hit of Joint-not smoke marijuana , and already has three albums “You go well”, “My girlfriend’s second B”, and “free Hits”, the latter it can be purchased at your free web page, The child of the mortgage.

Wouldn’t like to define their music as singer-songwriter blended with Pop, Rock, Jazz and French song… but going won’t follow because I am not an expert of the matter. I still say cool us their good vibes and those letters full of optimism and dynamism with certain critical in tough times. We consider it one of the musicians who better their musical offerings has adapted to the digital age and that authenticity that puts in each chord.

Finally I leave a couple of videos so that you may know what you subscribe to your channel and follow you by where you pass.

The best disabled musicians

BY: canada benefits

There are people that just by playing great music playing already have an impressive achievement, but it is there over many others that being “limited” in one way or another have more merit, since playing an instrument being blind or having a high perception of the headdress being deaf is frankly incredible.
These musicians have taken the phrase that said the record holder Guinness as far traveled in a wheelchair without stopping (about 10 kilometers) ‘limitations only take you further‘, here you have them:

10. Ian Dury (Polio). This composer and singer was launched to fame at the end of the 1970s, at the time of the famous slogan sex, drugs and Rock & Roll, which comes from the song the same Dury wrote, which today still versions continue to be made. Polio left him some parts of body atrophied, being the arm that suffered more damage, and when your body already could, let the music but followed in that world since he devoted himself to being a producer, in addition to some small roles in several films.


9. Brian Wilson (deafness). He is considered one of the most important and innovative popular music of the 20th century composers.
At the beginning of the 60’s, Brian Wilson formed The Beach Boys with his brothers Carl and Dennis, their cousin Mike Love and friend from school to the Jardine. Thanks to his talent, group became immensely popular, achieving hits between 1962 and 1966 with classic pop like Surfin’ USA, Fun Fun Fun, I Get Around, Help Me Rhonda, California Girls, and Good Vibrations. By 1967, the success of the Group was comparable to the of The Beatles, who later recognized the work of Brian Wilson as one of their biggest influences.
Almost 40 years later, in 2004, I reissued the Smile album, which won the Grammy in 2005 for the best instrumental rock.


8. Teddy Pendergrass (paraplegic). Call the King of the Soul became known thanks to his work as lead singer of the Group Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes in the 1970s, after which developed a successful career solo towards the end of that decade. In 1982, he suffered a serious car accident in Philadelphia, as a consequence of which was paralysed from waist down. After the accident, the artist founded the Foundation Teddy Pendergrass Alliance, dedicated to helping people with spinal cord injuries, which does not mean that you end with his musical career, which continued until 2001, when he embarked on a tour of all United States.
Unfortunately, Pendergrass died last January because of colon cancer.

7. Michael Bolton (deafness). It stands out as one of the most popular exponents of the soft-rock and the American mid-80s and early 90s romantic ballad.
His popularity was when he began to cowrite with singer-songwriters such as BabyFace, Diane Warren, and Bob Dylan. He also wrote songs for Barbra Streisand, KISS, Kenny Rogers, Kenny G, Peabo Bryson and Patti LaBelle.He has also sung with famous artists of all the styles, including Plácido Domingo, Luciano Pavarotti, Renée Fleming, Zucchero, Patti LaBelle, Céline Dion, Ray Charles, Percy Sledge, Wynonna Judd, and BB King.
It became number 1 in sales on two occasions, as well as winner of a Grammy in 1990 for his album “Soul Provider“.

6. Tony Iommi (has No fingers in one hand). It is nothing more and nothing less as “the father of heavy metal” and is the best guitarist of all time by the prestigious magazine, Guitar World, being the amazing thing that is sliced the fingers in a factory of metal with an iron. It is normal that his career as a guitarist ended at that moment, but thanks to some metal implants, which as he changed his way of playing, could follow with what most fascinated him, guitar.

5. José Feliciano (blindness). This Puerto Rican singer of boleros and ballads, as well as being a great interpreter of the Spanish guitar was the composer of the famous Christmas Carol “Merry Christmas” and the song “wouldthat be?“.
In addition to playing guitar “beautifully” with its unique style, touch 17 instruments more, in addition to singing in six different languages.
In addition, on the album of John Lennon Rock N’Roll, Feliciano accompanies him on three songs, a fact that is not well known.

4. Rick Allen (an arm missing). Be the battery of a heavy-metal group with a single arm seems completely impossible. So that it is to say Rick Allen, because that is the band Def Leppard, who after losing an arm in a car crash was sought life to continue playing drums, and got an electronics which can perfectly handle with one arm and feet.

3. Ray Charles (blindness). He was self-taught in piano, but he also received music lessons in braille in the “St. Augustine School”, a Centre for the blind.At the same time, he had to earn a living as a musician, when her parents died.
In 2004, Rolling Stone magazine named it as the tenth best artist of all time, and in 2009 as the best male singer of all time and the second best singer, second only as Aretha Franklin.
After winning 13 Grammys and more than 10,000 concerts, Charles died in 2004 after diagnose is several diseases, the most serious being a liver infection.

2. Stevie Wonder (blindness). This singer, composer, record producer, musician and American social activist has recorded 30 best-seller since it was launched to the world of music about 50 years ago, it has also got 24 Grammy Awards, being the living artist who has more, and it has managed to sell more than 100 million records.
Plays several instruments, including drums, bass, congas, and, above all, piano, harmonica and keyboard.

1. Ludwig van Beethoven (deafness). It has been one of the largest (if not the most) of all time. After be punished harshly by his father so that he would be a great musician, this traumatized him, so until it did 30 years did not give its first concert, realizing a few months later that was losing hearing.
Here begin the anxieties of a Beethoven that slowly wasn’t going to public events so no one know of this fact, although the progress of his disease forces him to retire from the direction as far being done. He was then forced to communicate through notes (books of conversation, of which are preserved half). The composer began to retreat into himself, taking an incredible creative explosion, premiering his symphonies with great success, the opera Fidelio (with a colder reception), sonatas, quartets… increasing admiration and popularity that already enjoyed, reaching the top at the premiere of his ninth Symphony and Misa Solemnis (1824), before a crowded room.
Beethoven continued worsening health, and in the last months of his life, he composed what scholars think that they are his best works, the last string quartets, innovative in its time. At the end of 1826, pneumonia triggered a series of problems that caused the death on March 26, 1827. His funeral was attended by 20,000 people, and most of his manuscripts and belongings were auctioned.

YouTube: dog ‘cries’ to listen song from movie Frozen and moves the network

The pet wakes up to hear the song from the movie ‘Frozen’.

The story of the film “Frozen” has captivated millions of people in the world, but the song of the film also a success that has even managed to move the animals. As demonstrated by a video uploaded to youtubeonfire.

The video of a pet that enjoy the theme of ‘Frozen’ has become a virus, after its publication on YouTube, one of the most popular portals in the world.

The recording shows a pet wake up to hear the song ‘ Let it go ‘. The animal, which is inside a vehicle, howling as it sounds the song in the background.

A few seconds later when the subject stops sounding, puppy returns to calm and still resting, as shown in the YouTube video which is a success on the web.

The images have been around the world after its publication more than one week ago.YouTube Portal more than 3 million users have seen the clip.

Social media users are moved with the attitude of the small animal that seems to enjoy his favorite song.

“Frozen” is a production of Walt Disney that was released last year and stole the heart of young and old. It has been two Oscar winner: one for best animated film and another just for best original song “Let it go”.


Website YouTube official song of the film has garnered millions of visits after one year of having been published.

Singers and actors are arranged teeth

Hello friends, I will share with you these images before and after… .they are singers and actors singers who fixed and/or improved teeth before being
acquaintances… Images now! :

Tom Cruise before and after tooth surgery
Actores y cantantes que se arreglaron los dientes
For years the actor Tom Cruise had to use brakes to correct his teeth, especially their front teeth that are somewhat twisted. However its image of Holllywood Heartthrob never decreased.

50 Cents before and after tooth surgery
50-Cent hails from the suburbs of New York, thanks to the music he could leave his dark past and is today a consecrated rapper. Recently he had a radical change in his image, including a major dental renovation. Her front teeth were separated, this condition is known as diastema.

Amy Winehouse before and after tooth surgery
Unlike other cases in this article, Amy Winehouse is suffering a worrying decline in its image. His teeth began to deteriorate severely in recent years, due to his excesses and little interest in their dental health.

Carlos Tevez before and after tooth surgery
The Argentine soccer player Carlitos Tevez decided to fix their teeth a few years ago in England. The image is not one of your concerns, knows that their main strengths are his talent and charisma.

Cheryl Cole before and after tooth surgery
After becoming a member of the Group Girls Aloud, the English singer sexy Cheryl Cole improved its look, correcting their prominent canine teeth and straightening their deviant teeth.

Jessica Alba before and after tooth surgery
The actress Jessica Alba is operated the denture in the beginning of his career. Your new smile is one of the most beautiful of Holllywood.

Miley Cyrus before and after tooth surgery
The young and famous actress Miley Cyrus wears a brand-new smile. They say he overlaid it with their front teeth with porcelain covers and also corrected its small incisors to achieve a more harmonious and bright teeth.

David Beckham before and after tooth surgery
The star of English soccer and recognized metrosexual repaired a bit his teeth. Teeth whitening widely improved their image.

Demi Moore before and after tooth surgery
Actores y cantantes que se arreglaron los dientes
The body of actress Demi Moore went several times through the operating room, and their teeth were not the exception.He corrected his teeth and applied all their teeth whitening.

Jennifer Garner before and after tooth surgery
In addition to clear dental surgery, the beautiful actress Jennifer Garner increased the size of his lips with collagen injections. Your gums already not look so prominent thanks to the dentist.

Kirsten Dunst before and after tooth surgery
The American Kirsten Dunst began her career at a young age, and is currently a sought-after actress. And your smile is one of its main virtues.

Peaches Geldof before and after tooth surgery
Peaches Geldof bleached his teeth and corrected some diverted by orthodontic teeth.

Celine Dion before and after tooth surgery
The Canadian singer Celine Dion in addition to an extraordinary voice also has an enviable smile achieved by the Affordable dentist.

Hilary Duff before and after tooth surgery
One of the cases more regrettable, that of Hilary Duff that unnecessarily operated their teeth despite being a very beautiful young woman. The results were not as expected; their teeth were too prominent.

Luis Miguel before and after tooth surgery
Despite being considered one of the most attractive artists, the Mexican singer Luis Miguel decided to perform a dental surgery to remove the space between the front teeth (also known as ‘Vanes’).

Noel Gallagher before and after tooth surgery
Musician Noel Gallagher, a member of the English band Oasis, substantially improved their teeth. Now it looks whiter teeth and rights.

Zac Efron before and after tooth surgery
Actores y cantantes que se arreglaron los dientes
The young actor Zac Efron arranged teeth and is another clear example of how having the whiter smile.

Catherine Zeta Jones before and after tooth surgery
Caterine Zeta Jones has a perfect sorisa thanks to the dental surgery. It if you know how to take care of your teeth.
Oral health is important for the famous in Hollywood.

Hillary Clinton before and after tooth surgery
Hillary Clinton is a very attractive woman despite years. After some touch-ups on her face (facelift, botox) renewed his smile that now looks white and harmonious.

Keith Urban before and after tooth surgery
Keith Urban arranged is the separation between the paletos teeth. This condition is known as Diastema and can be corrected with orthodontics. Aesthetics is very important for the artists.

Nicholas Cage before and after tooth surgery
The actor Nicholas Cage recovered the aesthetics of your teeth through dental surgery. He overlaid it with your teeth with porcelain covers. As all the famous Holllywood he cares about and look younger.

I hope you like it, and if you like my post you can follow me.

The Voice: Singer captive wheel chair the jury with voice

Lima (Peru) . Margarita Mora , a brave and talented woman working for chair hire London regardless of her inability to walk without being overcome by the limitations of being prostrate in a wheelchair, came to casting the program and delighted all judges Voice .

The talented woman dazzled with a great presentation on stage, which became even more mysterious when to turn jurors, they encountered a huge curtain that hid the great singer.

When discovered, all came to her to congratulate her and hold her for the courage and talent did not hesitate to show. She thanked everyone for the support he received after the song played.

“Very happy, thank you. Thank you all, the entire jury, thanks to my Virgin of Guadalupe that made me the miracle of being able to pass the casting, “said Margarita.

The Importance of Columbia Gulf Pipeline

Regular gas is an imperative and essential manifestation of vitality used particularly in created nations. Common gas’ importance and convenience is more often than not contrasted and even connected with the handiness of gas or oil. In the United States alone, there are numerous organizations and commercial enterprises that can never run without characteristic gas supply. Therefore, the significance of Columbia Gulf pipeline can never be belittled. Columbia gas pipeline offices transport characteristic gas from the Gulf of Mexico to New York


It required some investment before every Columbia Gulf pipeline has been completely created and made operational. It is a typical learning that the channels used by every Columbia gas pipeline are hundreds if not a huge number of kilometers long. Such offices are perpetual apparatuses and are presented to natural and social devastations. The presence of a Columbia Gulf pipeline is a living evidence that regular gas transport is imperative. Prior to any Columbia gas pipeline was built, rails and trucks conveyed characteristic gas from Gulf of Mexico to New York. But since such exercises are dull, unsafe and are exorbitant, Columbia Gulf pipeline ventures were placed set up.

For more Columbia Updates logon to  http://columbiapropertysc.com/

In the event that there are still individuals who are not acquainted with the general helpfulness of each Columbia gas pipeline, there is most likely a requirement for them to be reminded. As specified, each Columbia Gulf pipeline capacities to transport characteristic gas from its sources in the Gulf of Mexico a huge number of kilometers towards New York.


The Columbia gas pipeline offices have two terminals, in particular, the getting in New York and the source in the Gulf. The terminals serve as archives and stations where common gas is executed and transported. Accordingly, the gas is made to go without anyone else inside the channels as opposed to being put away in tanks and transported through trucks or trains. Accordingly, hazards in streets and tracks are altogether annihilated.


Beside that, Columbia Gulf pipelines help decreases the expenses of common gas transports. As said, the need to transport by trucks and tracks is crossed out. The main expenses acquired are the operational and upkeep costs of the Columbia gas pipeline stations.


The extent that general open and general wellbeing is concerned, each Columbia gas pipeline is made safe. Through there dependably would be dangers and potential mishap events, each Columbia Gulf pipeline is made to last more, bear outer weights and withstand weathering. In the event that there are certain spillages and weight issues that happen, administrators are obliged to rapidly resolve issues. That is the reason there are various regulations set up to control and screen security procurements in every Columbia gas pipeline.



It is very common for classical musicians desconozcamos the proper procedure of drafting and presentation of our curriculum.

Many times, in fact, present just a messy sheet and poor wording, which does nothing but provide poor image of our work and eventually ends “minus points” for future job opportunities (even when we send resume writers perth to press!). Moreover, a small “testament” (by extension) could scare its recipient: a CV of more than 20 sheets is not a CV … it’s a small book!

How to submit, then, a “serious” and specific curriculum that meets our interests and offer a clear, concrete and real image of our artistic and professional training?

It is obvious that the curriculum of an artist is not equal to accountant, architect or civil servant. Have different objectives , different approaches , and especially a different type of “public” or “reader” to which it is intended. When we present a CV in reality we are “selling”our work who reads it, so who would “buy” a curriculum that omits important references or academic training; that is messy, poorly drafted or written entirely in capital letters?

What is a Curriculum? What is it for?

A resume or “resume” is a document that has written about our careers, containing the most relevant of our training, experience, information and anything that might be of interest to our future employers or colleagues.The Curriculum It is almost an “advertising” tool , which serves tohighlight the value of our experience and skills . On many occasions, also writing a CV is useful to order (for ourselves) the steps taken and measured, in concrete terms, possible future goals.  


In this section you will find the most common items that can be included on a CV, but beyond the first (academic training, courses taken, etc.) none of them is essential. Moreover, this “model” is quite adaptable to each particular case (eg a CV of a professional orchestral musician will not be the same as a composer, music therapist or music teacher dedicated to teaching children). From No way this provision is mandatory text. In fact, this model can be used to sort the information, and present a curriculum drafted as a “biography” or “resume”. Each CV will be different. What we offer here is a “template” or “guide” base to help us tailor it.

?? Education:
List here venues and dates have completed the studies, degrees obtained (if any) and the place where they have carried out. If the average rating is relevant, enter it also.
According to our experience or trajectory, the list of our studies may be ordered or adapt to the position for which we are postulating, or to the skills and knowledge we want to highlight.

For this, there are some standards organization of information:

1. ascending chronological Curriculum (for those wishing to highlight their positive development)
2. Descending chronological Curriculum (to highlight recent activities)
3. Functional Curriculum (to enhance performance in several specific areas)

?? Courses and seminars conducted:
To complement the academic training courses here related to our area are indicated: “Course Name” (Professor / s, Institution), date and year.If it’s “Lectures”, indicate whether he has participated as an active student or listener. In the event that this section be very extensive, only indicate the most relevant courses and seminars. If there are other courses not directly related to music, can be grouped in a separate section called “other courses” so that “Functional Harmony” or “The piano interpretation of S. XIX” do not go above or beside “Ceremonial and Protocol “or” Event Management “.

?? Scholarships and awards won:
Ditto courses and seminars: Name or Reason Scholarship or Award institution that provides it, date, place, year.

?? Concerts performed:
In this case, it is better sort chronologically concerts. Consign also, if we acted as soloists in an orchestra, if our works have premiered, etc., and place and date.

?? Work experience:
Provide information about places, companies, theaters, institutions, schools, etc., where we worked; functions performed and working time.

?? : Composed and / or arranged Works
To this point, especially if the list is very larga- can muster a table indicating: Name of the Work, Instrumentation, Date of Composition and / or Release.

?? Index:
Indicate works and authors. If it is a very extensive repertoire, they can simply entered styles, periods or aesthetic and authors, without specifying names of works, etc.

?? Courses and seminars taught:
Course Title, Partners, institution and date. If necessary, indicate contents. In case of further material published, noted in the item “Publications”.

?? Publications:
This section may include articles, theses, essays, scores and books (enter if they participated as collaborators, co-authors or authors).
The general standard for bibliographic indication is as follows (with typography below): LAST Author, author’s name (not required this point if it’s own works). Book title. Edition number. Place of publication: Publisher, year. Number of pages. (Collection, collection number). Notes.ISBN xxxxxxxxxx.

?? Recordings:
If you have disks in the “handbook” :), this section serves to detail: name of each disk, general repertoire, date and record label. In some CV (as in we publish Musical Keys) can include links to MP3, demos, etc. Provide also in the case of having participated only as partner, guest artist, producer, sound engineer, etc.

?? Reviews:
If they do and they think fit, it is possible to cite news media reviews, provided by quoting and indicating source and date.

?? Languages:
Consign languages ​​and attainment: high, medium, basic. If there’s degree, also indicate the place and date of accreditation. In the case of singers or choral directors, specify phonetic studies, on what dates and how teachers has been completed.

?? Computers:
Ditto “Languages”. Also, if we experience is important to note managing programs related to our area, eg sound editing programs (Cakewalk, Sonar, etc.) and score editing (Sibelius, Finale, etc.).

?? Data:
This section should include all possible means of contact. plus name and address, not forgetting to include phones (home and cell), mail, means “chat” and website
also, though not at all necessary , place and date of birth, nationality, passport number, marital status, etc.
About the mail and media “chat”, it is important also open an email account more or less serious appearance: for example, the name and name or specialty always “sound” more serious than if our box isgorditobueno@nnnnn.com


Some details that are often overlooked are the correct grammar and spelling. At this point there is no argument: lapses in this regard can jettison all the effort you’ve put into making above the CV and give a very bad image of our professional performance. If we are not sure, remember: the corrector word processors never be enough. In that case, you can consult a dictionary, and, ultimately, help. In the Journal-e “Musical Keys” often offer proofreading and editing service.

And a detail that never enough: in the written text, written entirely in capital sentences are considered “shouting” (for so they are perceived).For more information, please refer to the article “Internet Etiquette Rules”(applicable not only to the web), written by Alvaro Mendoza ( click here ).

Apart from this consideration, all text written in uppercase (or lack of writing, spelling or design ) leaves a very bad feeling of neglect, listlessness and carelessness , as if the expert had made ​​a hurry, or shortly or desire. If you do not have the necessary time, the curriculum is best left for another time, which can properly dedicate to leave well done.

Final Tips

  • Adapt the CV to our specialty (composition, performance, teaching, etc.), and each specific position in which we present the text.
  • If present paper, use one of good quality and Preserve folder (no wrinkles).
  • Caring plus the proper disposal of margins, and not abuse bold colors and underscores. If we make an informal curriculum must not fail to be minimally sober.
  • Highlighting our most relevant skills and differentiate good paragraphs.
  • Only if requested, add one (current and most serious possible) photography.
  • Check CV before turning to check for any forgotten details or oversights reinforced.
  • Check it again.
  • Check it again, just in case.
  • Well, I review it again:-)

How can we help Musical Keys to writing your CV

In this article we have offered several tips do you have proved useful?We assume that if you’ve read this far is because the topic interests you obviously:-) Once you’ve finished writing your CV, maybe you need advice with the wording, layout or design, or want to improve the text.Also (!), You probably do not know what to do with the curriculum once you have done (“Where submission, and how?”). Writing the CV on paper and also in an electronic medium (on a web page, or in PDF or Word format) can represent many advantages for broadcast, and even easier, when editing. As a tool for disseminating what better than a medium that is available 24 hours. a day, 365 days a year?

The International Music Band Contest Villa de Dosbarrios be held on July 18

Band Association Friends of Music of Yecla (Murcia), directed by Ángel Hernández, won first prize in the VII Contest of Bands “Villa de Dosbarrios”, held on Saturday July 26 in Dosbarrios (Toledo). In turn, the musical group Montesinos (Alicante), directed by José Vicente Pérez, won the second prize.   The first prize is for a prize of four thousand euros and a high donated by the Consulate saxophone music distributor Mar. The second prize with a prize of two thousand euros and cello donated by the same distributor. In addition, as a novelty at this year’s Jury Prize awarded a “Best Soloist Al” for also belonging to the winning Band saxophone solo.


The competition was again a great success in terms of participation since the vast majority of the inhabitants of Dosbarrios as well as nearby towns and even neighbors participating locations, led by their respective mayors not want to miss the event. In total we estimate that more than 2300 spectators attended a town whose population is just over 2000 inhabitants.


It featured a panel of highly respected in the world of bands and saxophone in particular. The same was composed of: Mr Joaquín Franco Pallás, Professor of Saxophone at the Royal Conservatory of Madrid, Juan Bautista Meseguer Llopis, Head of the Music Unit Headquarters Land Valencia High Availability Manager and Rafael Sanz Espert, Director of the Municipal Symphonic Band of Madrid.
The VII CIBM “Mauritius villa” on the 200th anniversary of the birth of Adolphe Sax invented the saxophone, has had the honor of paying tribute to one of the leading figures of saxophone 50 years, D. Pedro Iturralde, composer Forced Work of this issue, “Hellenic Suite”, and who were honored with his presence he had.


The competition ended with the intervention out of competition of the Musical Union Santa Cecilia Dosbarrios, who played the pasodoble Release “Fiestas in Dosbarrios” of D. Manuel Lillo e “Hispania” Oscar Navarro.
After the ceremony a celebration of brotherhood among musicians, visitors and villagers in the square of the Constitution which ended in the early hours of Sunday was held.
Another year, Dosbarrios again felt proud to show and prove to everyone his passion for music and its bicentennial tradition bandística pushed with great enthusiasm to create and organize this contest since 2008. Thus, the careful organization of the event, the great respect of the public towards the professionals who acted in it and the quality of the jury, were a good part of the success of the competition.

Who will Win this Cricket Worldcup 2015?

Predicting world cup winning is an amazing way to boost up cricket lovers. They are always curious to know that who will win this Cricket World Cup 2015. But, the prediction is a complex method which involves perfect science of forecasting cricket Match. It is an antique method used by the astrologers and tarot card readers too, who puts their effort to highlight the correct predictions and results.

Cricket game is full of ups and downs because anything can happen that’s why forecasting cricket matches is a preferable technique. Sometimes, prediction ends up in a false outcome and offers false information if it doesn’t follow proved and observable method. Therefore, before predicting a series of observation is usually carried out to get best results.

Cricket World Cup 2015, the game of passion is almost here for ardent fans to meet their dreams through prediction. It is not easy for experts to expect the runner up and winner of this world cup since it is the biggest event in the cricket world. Lot of studies and inspections are done by the experts for contributing remarkable report about winning tigers.

The biggest cricket tournament World Cup 2015 involves several teams from Asia and Europe who are distributed in teams and having their matches on different days. They are divided into different pools on the group stages. Even Holland, Canada, Kenya and Ireland teams are also a part of it. As we know that Australia got an honor to host the world cup so they will take a great advantage of their home ground.

Therefore, we can say that Australia will be in final game or may be winner. Everyone has different opinions and ways to observe the pros and cons of the situations.  But, Predictors will no doubt prefer teams such as Australia, England and New Zealand. The Australian pitches are fast as well as grounds are large. Plus, the climatic conditions there in Australia are totally different from Asian Conditions.  It would be difficult for Asian teams like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka to show their best by scoring a great target. But, Pakistan may get hold due to their fast bowlers. That is it is not easy to tell Who will Win this Cricket Worldcup 2015?

South Africa, the choker team hasn’t won a single big tournament or cup yet in their career. So, all of us are expecting that Australia will win this world cup. Recently, Australia defeated South Africa in their home ground with 4-1. This time the Australian team has a great amount of talented players who will completely relish the chance to play on home grounds and appear as a TEAM TO BEAT.

Nobody can be 100 percent sure about the World Cup winning predictions but due to number one ranking in ODI and supportive home conditions, Australia is the most favorite team in this world cup.

Taxman, The Beatles taxes against Harold Wilson

Apropiadísima for the times, Taxman is a well known song from The Beatles , written and recorded in 1966 and released as the first single from the album Revolver -in other side contained no less than Eleanor Rigby ,item-total bill unlike classical Taxman which was decidedly more risky in terms of music and lyrics.

It can be considered the first “political” song by The Beatles , predating Revolution two years, and with a strong tone “liberal” (less taxes, less pressure state).

Taxes and songs

Fully written by George Harrison , the subject is hard refers to abusive type of income tax paying people with large incomes -The Beatles, among them at that time in your country. A huge Business Tax Services rate sometimes reached reach 95% of their profits.

Because of those crazy tax , many top musicians were exiled and fiscally domiciliaron other countries, which, despite public accusations of unpatriotic finally not tarnished his reputation, and its international projection.

So, John Lennon installed its offices in the United States, Harrison in Switzerland, the Stones in France and Barbados, like David Bowie …

In fact, in an article later press referred to the issue becomes, explaining that “one of the greatest products of British exports in those years was … the rich people.” To discontent of the British Treasury, there was a huge and striking exodus rich and famous to other jurisdictions with better tax conditions.

In the 60s it was common for European countries had many scales of rates applicable to income tax and, above all, very high tax rates. UK was no exception, especially taking into account that were boom years economic -however also significant problems with the external balance of payments of the country and development of cultural industry-especially musically, which resulted in his Majesty’s subjects had such a good list of millionaires, many of them very young, as were the stars of rock and pop.

Labour ruled Harold Wilson , who, especially in his first term as prime minister -disputó 5 general election and received the victory in 4 of them: 1964 , 1966 , and February and October 1974 put special emphasis on promoting social justice including better educational opportunities, allying with an obvious scientific progress.

The ” Mr. Wilson “and” Mr. Heath “ironic chorus Lennon and Paul McCartney were at the end of the song is related to Harold Wilson and Edward Heath , Labour prime minister and conservative opposition leader, respectively, at the time, giving them the distinction of being the first living person to be mentioned in an issue of The Beatles .

Although members of the most famous band of all time Heath had never met in person, yes they had met with Wilson -from northern England, like them several times, and each of them had received the MBE award (Members the British Empire ) for being in the honorary approved list after Wilson led the Labour Party to victory in 1964 itself.

The Beatles, four young entrepreneurs outside London who came mostly from the lower middle class, was the kind of people that Wilson wanted to encourage his vision of a new Britain without class distinction . For this and for some contradictorily, during his tenure as prime minister, Harold Wilson raised the top rate of income tax to 95% ..


Harrison then declare the matter:

During the time I wrote Taxman ‘s when I first realized that although we had started to make money, most of it is was going to pay taxes. It was, and still is, typical. Why should he be? Are we being punished for something we have done wrong. “


Instead, we must recognize that at least Harrison and The Beatles received quality public services in return for their taxes , which no longer happens today in countries hardest hit by the economic crisis. Advantages and disadvantages of living in the 60 (out of Spain, of course).


Times Revolver

Taxman was written and recorded between 20 and 22 April 1966 with Harrison on rhythm guitar and vocals, McCartney on bass, solo and chorus guitar, John Lennon, choirs and cowbell, and Ringo Starr on drums and tambourine. George Martin was, of course, the producer of the song and Geoff Emerick sound engineer.

In Living in a Material World , the great biopic directed byMartin Scorsese in which, by the way, the filmmaker did not stop in the song Taxman , John Lennon confessed about the concept of money by the group in those early times ” Celebrity Before us, the money was already among our goals, but still did not say, ‘Let’s make money’. But suddenly had money and suddenly was not so good. “

Follow Goerge explaining: “Having money we discovered that the money was not the answer . Suddenly we had lots of material things that people life trying to get passed. We managed to get them at a really early age;and it was good, really, because we learned that it was not that. We still lacked something. That something is what religion is about giving people “.

It is curious-and prove to the lake all his life how George managed to combine their spiritual concerns with the concept of money. Several biographies written about him or The Beatles states that Harrison McCartney -and also had some fame caught; watching every shilling, go. Also this was precisely the time when George discovered Ravi Sankar and sitar and began his search for answers in the eastern philosophies, little given to the material. So it is striking that was the Harrison himself who would decide to write a song like Taxman .

In The Beatles Anthology George talks about the song (at 4:20): “It was the moment when I discovered that most of the money was for the tax collector and you felt very happy that you were almost penniless. We paid 95 pence halfpenny per pound of gain. The point is that you had to pay super-rates, fees and more fees … considered ridiculous that huge penalty for each pound of gain. “


The letter and the imprint of Taxman

The song began saying “There’s one for you 19 for me” , but Harrison seemed little and said ” Let me tell you how it will be . ” Harrison asked Paul McCartney to work with guitars and Paul replied yes (Paul eventually would play the guitar solo). In an interview in 1984 for the magazine Playboy , McCartney said, “George wrote it and I put music on guitar. He wrote it when he was angry when he realized what the taxman did. Never before had he known then what he could do with your money. “

However, John Lennon also part of the authorship of the letter would be attributed , as he confessed to own Playboy in 1980: “I remember the day when he called for help for Taxman , one of his best songs. I gave some lines to help with the song because that’s what he asked. It was with Paul because Paul would not have helped in this period. I do not want to. I thought, ‘Oh, no, do not tell me that now I have to do the work of George. It’s enough to make my things and Paul. ‘ But because she loved him and did not want to hurt him when he called me that evening and said, “would you help me with this song?” I bit my tongue and I said yes. “Result: Lennon never forgave entirely to Harrison that” affront ” .

Musically, Taxman is a song composed on a chord D7 complemented by C7 and Sol 7 / 9th . It starts with what has been called the acid rock .

Draws attention to the economy as melodic chords for a band like The Beatles, McCartney’s bass directly taken from what artists and groups of Tamla Motown did at that time, and the first guitar solo “experimental” throughout the career of The Beatles.

Theme influenced many artists and groups that generation, but has never lost its musical force and even today the Britpop shows that that song as jumping has permeated the whole wave of groups that periodically revitalize the English pop, contributing to the imprint of The Beatles will never erase.



Taxman (The Beatles). La letra

Let me tell you how it will be

Theres one for you, nineteen for me

Cause im the taxman

Yeah, im the taxman

Should five per cent appear too small

Be thankful I dont take it all

Cause im the taxman

Yeah im the taxman

If you drive a car, ill tax the street

If you try to sit, ill tax your seat

If you get too cold ill tax the heat

If you take a walk, ill tax your feet


Cause im the taxman

Yeah im the taxman

Dont ask me what i want it for

Aah Mister Wilson

If you dont want to pay some more

Aah Mister Heath

Cause im the taxman

Yeah, im the taxman

Now my advice for those who die


Declare the pennies on your eyes


Cause im the taxman

Yeah, im the taxman

And youre working for no one but me



Let me tell you how:

One for you, nineteen for me

Cause I’m the taxman,

Yes, I’m the taxman

If five percent seems little

Thank me not to take me around.

Cause I’m the taxman,

Yes, I’m the taxman

If you drive a car, I’ll tax the street;

If you want to sit, I’ll tax the chair;

If you get too cold I’ll tax the heat;

If you go for a walk, I’ll tax your feet;

(Chorus: Taxman!)

Cause I’m the taxman,

Yes, I’m the taxman

Do not ask me what I want

(Coro: aah, Mister Wilson)

If you do not want to pay more

(Coro: aah, Mister Heath)

Cause I’m the taxman

Yes, I’m the taxman

Now some advice for those who die:

(Chorus: Taxman!)

Declare the pennies on your eyes

(Chorus: Taxman!)

Cause I’m the taxman

Yes, I’m the taxman

And just work for me

(Chorus: Taxman!)



Some video links


Version Harrison live Taxman (London, Albert Hall, June 4, 1992):

Harrison Live Version (Japan, 2011):


And here we can hear the brilliant remastering 2009 study:

Famous Singers Mansions

Beyonce Mansion

Famous Singers Mansions



This mansion is very luxurious and is located in Miami, where the singer shares with Jay Z. More pictures inside and outside the mansion beyonce and jay z:


avril lavigne


Fergie Mansion


britney spears


The house has two bathrooms, two kitchens, two garages, two lounges, plus guest rooms and pool included so it is a house that has everything, is very complete and elegant and one of the most envied Santa Monica, exact location where is located. Photos inside and outside the mansion:




In this mansion lives married actor Josh Duhammel, the fact is that both lived together since 2007.


paris hilton
Justin Timberlake
Michael Jackson.


Eminem’s Mansion

Famous Singers Mansions



This incleible his mansion located in the city of Detroit, Michigan. This home after having been acquired in various departments and some other houses that he himself called as suburbs. It was the first huge mansion rapper singer scored. Eminem has had several homes and apartments with helicopter platform.


avril lavigne
britney spears


The Mansion of Michael Jackson-Neverland

paris hilton

Justin Timberlake
Michael Jackson.


This image of the mansion is a few years ago before it is abandoned by Michael ago. Michael Jackson had to leave this mansion by a problem which had to pay a huge sum of money ordered a court of the United States, over allegations of sexual abuse the said mansion “Neverland” should be topped. The artist aquirió 1987 2800 acres located in Santa Barbara, California, for about $ 18 million. The annual maintenance of the property took nearly $ 3.5 million and during heyday had 54 full-time employees, who were responsible for the care and maintenance. Today, the vast majority is gone and there are only 6 people in the care of “Neverland”. Jackson listed the property to let cape town in July 2005 and since then lies in Bahrain. Today the property looks abandoned, numerous animals that had, including elephants, giraffes, lions and monkeys have been transferred to other zoos. The following images show the current state.


Famous Singers Mansions
avril lavigne


Mansion of the Jonas Brothers



Is incleíble mansion is located in Westlake, Texas, USA. And the cost would be about $ 2 million. Undoubtedly somewhat expensive for the level of mansions we continue on this site. Images of the big house inside.


The building is a typical Therefore, with gabled roofs and exterior walls with stone forms. Contrast the yellow hue of its walls with bluish tone ceilings. The property has about 679,000 m2. Within the dark wood interior trim and interior stone walls stand out. On the outside there is a large pool and surrounding area is not as wooded. Another thing that can be seen on a photo is that the house has a large courtyard side, since it is glued together with another house.
britney spears
paris hilton
Justin Timberlake
Michael Jackson.
Avril Lavigne mansion (now bought by the basketball player Juliet Kakish.)

Famous Singers Mansions

The singer Mansion is located in an area of Bel Air, Los Angeles, housing that was acquired in the amount of $ 9.5 million. The luxurious property that the singer shared with her ​​ex-husband Derek Whibley, leader of the known band Sum 41, has eight beautiful rooms and ten bathrooms and features a beautiful Tuscan style with large ocher walls with large black openings, yet simple low ceilings Spanish terracotta tiles.
avril lavigne
Britney Spears mansion


britney spears
The property has 10,300 square feet is called “Chateau Suenos” (which should be: Chateau Dreams). The singer’s father would be in talks to sell the current property consists of a house and recording studio daughter.
paris hilton
Justin Timberlake
Michael Jackson.
Famous Singers Mansions
avril lavigne
Justin Timberlake Mansion


The singer Justin Timbarlake mansion in California. It is a mansion with six bedrooms and 10 bathrooms in Hollywood Hills, and is valued at $ 8 million. In the following images we show you all this Super chalet also has theater, gym, tennis court, and a separate house for guests.
britney spears
Mansion Paris Hilton

paris hilton

Justin Timberlake
Michael Jackson.
to Mansion is located in Beverly Hills. Has a value of about 6.25 million dollars and has a private nightclub for 200 people, also has a gym and a games room.
Famous Singers Mansions
avril lavigne
The Mansion of Pity Alvarez


The kitchen The terrace The courtyard The Christmas tree The Diner Your car
britney spears


paris hilton

5 songs to listen to while you clean your house

We know: come home and everything is super clean and tidy is comforting. But (there’s always a but) the truth is that most of us gives us lots and lots fiaca scouring roll up.

Personally I find an ally in music: it is stimulating, it relaxes me otherwise predisposed to take the broom by the horn and start. Because I believe in the effectiveness of my recipe (and I guess many of you use it), I leave a selection of songs that should not miss on your track list of home cleaning. Listen to this list from maid service toronto and add their favorite songs to the list!

“Hot Stuff” – Donna Summer
A classic disco that many will remember in one of the best scenes of tragicomic film . The Full Monty Remember the group of men desperate reviewing the choreography in an unemployment office?

“I want to break free” – Queen
Queen There are many songs that can accompany us in housework, but it has the bonus of your video clip, which can be a fun Freddy Mercury disguised as a woman and a apiradora in hand.

“Dude looks like a lady” – Aerosmith
If a housewife with all letters, that’s Mrs. Doubtfire: kitchen like gods, cleans and cares for the kids. Watch him dance to Robin Williams in the skin of this adorable woman is really exciting (or not?).

“Can’t touch this” – MC Hammer
‘s energy Cameron Diaz (Natalie Cook in Charlie’s Angels) in full move is, the less enviable. If you are a bit lazy, movement of hips lace sympathetic surely will spread.Above and clean!

“Old time rock and roll” – Bob Seger
Unforgettable and unforgettable scene of the film Risky Business where a young Tom Cruise dances and sings in shirt and underwear to the tune of “Old Time Rock and Roll” by Bob Seger. Cited in programs like Alf and The Nanny, represents the ideal way to put wave housework losing all shame.


Accounting song by Monty Python

In 1982, Terry Gilliam makes the opening scene of the new movie Monty Python: The Meaning of Life. It depicts senior accountants – if older they should be long retired. This prologue is called The Crimson Permanent Assurance. The Meaning of Life will be distinguished in Cannes the following year by the grand jury’s special prize.

The crew of this building which is detached from the City from the high seas soon intones one of those beloved of the British sea shanties:

It’s funny to charter an accountant
From sailing on the Sea Accounting.
Find and explore the offshore funds
by avoiding sinking a bankruptcy
Insurance is a hard business website to bake
We will reap your rewards twice a year
This is tax deductible
We’re kind of incorruptible
We sail on the Sea Accounting

It’s fun to charter an accountant,
And sail the wide accountan-cy.
To find, explore the funds offshore,
And skirt the shoals of bankruptcy.
It Can Be manly in insurance.
We’ll up your Semi-Annually premium.
It’s all tax -deductible,
We’re Fairly incorruptible.
We’re sailing on the wide accountancy.

[To hear the song, click here]

The best movie songs of the 80

Continuing the list of the best songs from films of the ’80s , then we give the second part of the previous game, characterized by songs built with a delicate pastries pop that helped popularize ten box office films that burst in this unforgettable decade.

1) “All time high” (RITA COOLIDGE):

Central theme of the James Bond film “Octopussy”, starring actor Roger Moore, the 1983 song composed by John Barry and Tim Rice and performed by singer Rita Coolidge reached number 1 in the rankings adult-contemporary pop. The video for the song, which begins with a powerful and melancholic sax scene before entering the velvety voice of Coolidge, is filmed in a palace that seems to India, although in reality it is a historic English residence. The funny movie of 2012 “Ted” which is a womanizing, pill teddy bear comes to life, the character played by actor Marl Wahlberg plays this song in a live


Composed by the talented singer, guitarist and producer Jeff Lynne, leader of the Electric Ligh Orchestra (ELO), 1980 this song was the theme of the movie “Xanadu” starring Australian singer Olivia Newton John. The theme, played by the same Olivia and ELO, the chorus has voiced by Lynne. For the Electric Light Orchestra, this song meant the only number 1 which took in England, their country of origin, since it also reached in a dozen countries.

3) “If you leave” (OMD):

This 1986 song composed and performed by the English synth-pop duo Orchestal Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD) is part of the soundtrack of the movie “Pretty in Pink” (known in Spain as “La Chica de Rosa”) . The song, an elegant pop piece that was recorded without many expectations, became an international hit, reaching the top spot in countries like USA, Canada and Australia.

4) “What a feeling (IRENE CARA):

Played by actress and singer Irene Cara, who rose to fame in his country playing a role in the movie “Who Moved my Cheese PDF“, this song was the theme of the hit soundtrack to the movie “who move my cheese pdf“. The song won the 1983 Academy Award for Best Original Song and a Grammy Award for Best Actress.

5) “The heat is on” (Glenn Frey):

This song, performed by Glenn Frey, former member of the Eagles group was the main theme of the movie “Beverly Hills Cop” (known in Chile as “A loose detective in Hollywood”), consecrated internationally comedian Eddie Murphy. The song also singer’s vocal contribution emphasizes, frantic and repetitive input sax, rhythmic drums and a guitar solo right, by the same Glenn Frey.

6) “Ghostbusters” (RAY PARKER JR.):

Performed by singer Ray Parker Jr. is catchy and funny song was the main theme of the 1984 hit movie “Ghostbusters” (or “Ghostbusters”). In the video for you can see several famous American artists of the time (the singers Carly Simon and Irene Cara and comedians John Candy, Danny de Vito and Chevy Chase, among others) singing the chorus of the theme.

7) “The power of love” (HUEY LEWIS AND THE NEWS):

1985 This song was composed and performed by specially Huey Lewis and The News for use in the cult comedy “Back to the future” (“Back to the Future”), who launched to fame by actor Michael J. Fox. song was nominated for the Oscar for best original song reached number 1 in the prestigious magazine Billboard. The same singer Huey Lewis has a brief role in the film, playing an unsympathetic jury in a rock band audition unceremoniously rejected the group led by Marty McFly, the character played by Fox.

8. “Let’s hit it for the boy” (Deniece Williams):

This song, performed by singer color Deniece “Niecy” Williams and included in the hit movie “Footloose”, reached number 1 in the US in 1984. In the film the theme appears when the main character played by actor Kevin Bacon A newcomer to a small American town where music is banned for being subversive, teaches dance to his best friend, a young farmer who has not the slightest notion of rhythm and coordination words.

9) “Nowhere Fast” (FIRE INC.):

Performed by American band Fire Inc. 1984 this song was one of the most successful singles from the soundtrack of the movie “Streets of Fire” (“Streets of Fire”). In the film, the theme is played by one of the main characters, the singer Ellen Aim, characterized by the beautiful actress Diane Lane.

10) “She’s like the wind” (PATRICK SWAYZE):

This unforgettable ballad performed by singer and dancer Patrick Swayze, in collaboration with singer Wendy Fraser, was part of the soundtrack of the movie “Dirty Dancing”. The song, originally composed by Swayze and Widelitz Stacy for a movie called “Grandview” was ruled out for this film, but Swayze is the later sang the producers and the director of “Dirty Dancing”, who accepted immediately so that included in the soundtrack of the film. The song peaked at number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 and # 1 on the US Adult Contemporary Top.

Finding Professional Southside Brisbane Patio Builders

Building a beautiful patio is not an easy project that can be executed by every do-it-yourselfer. It requires the services of professional builders. But finding the right patio contractor can be a difficult task with so many Southside Brisbane builders to choose from. The contractor is someone you will invite to your home and work closely with and so trust, compatibility and good rapport are essential to avoid frustration. If you are planning to build a beautiful patio in your backyard, here are some tips of finding Professional Southside Brisbane Patio Builders.


About Southside Brisbane

Named after the Brisbane River, Brisbane is the third most populous city in Australia. Brisbane has experienced consistent economic growth in the recent years due to the resources boom. The real estate market has particularly recorded tremendous growth, especially in Brisbane Southside. This location has three districts, namely South Eastern Suburbs, Southern Suburbs and South Western Suburbs, which are further divided into suburbs.

Finding patio builders brisbane qld

Ask for recommendations

Ask a family member, friend or neighbor for recommendations and you will get an honest account of their experience with the builder. Moreover, you can also witness the projects firsthand. Ask them whether the contractor was reliable and delivered high quality work. Besides that, you can ask for recommendations at a local building materials store. However, be aware that they may be biased to get a finder’s fee if the builder lands the job.

Check online

Another way to find a reliable patio builder is to search online. When searching, remember to include your locality so that you can find contractors within your area. Once you find a few names, do research on them to find out whether clients are satisfied with their work.

Arrange an interview

Once you get a few recommendations from your friends and neighbors, schedule an interview so that you can get to know more about these builders. Here are some of the pointers you can use to gauge his reliability:

– Is he time-consciousness? If he is not, then probably he will not be on time once you have already signed a contract

– Is he easy to talk to?

– Does he listen to your ideas?

– Does he offer useful suggestions?

Ask him as many questions as you can. Important areas that your questions should focus on include:

– Ask for proof of license and if possible, check with the relevant authority to verify its validity.

– Ask for the approximate start and finish date of the project. If you have any deadline, let him know upfront.

– Experience is very important and so you need to ask the contractor how many years he has been in business.

– Ask them about the work schedule for your project. Make sure all the workers arrive and leave at the same time every day while working.

– Inquire if they will have the same workers throughout the project.

– Ask for proof of liability and workers compensation insurance

Obtain 3 quotes

Ask each builder the same questions. The most costly will not always give you the best treatment while the cheapest bid may not be the most cost-effective.

Get References

Ask the contractor to provide you with a list of references. Preferably, it should contain recent and longtime customers to get genuine testimonies. This will also help you establish if the quality of workmanship has been maintained and if they are still satisfied with the service. When talking to references, you need to focus on the following issues:

– Check how the builder’s budget and time estimate compare with the results. Did the completed patio look exactly as they discussed? If you always want things done exactly as you want it within a reasonable budget and period, this is a very important factor.

– Is the contractor detail-oriented? Check if he finished the job cleanly or left a stucco mess on the patio. Did the contractor cut corners on the patio’s aesthetic work? If so, chances are he compromised the overall quality of the patio.

Get it in Writing

Before starting the project, make sure that everything is spelled out in the contract. Peruse the document thoroughly for any errors, inconsistencies or omissions. If possible, you can seek the assistance of a lawyer. Avoid contractors that want to be paid everything upfront. If you have to give any money upfront for buying materials, then it should be less than a third of the total cost.

Building a patio, from the design stage to finding the best contractor, is certainly challenging. However, the results are more enjoyable. When all the workers have left, you can sit back with a cold drink in your patio. But all these can only be possible when you hire a reliable contractor.