Survey 2014: The best song of the telenovela was…  

The public chose topics that rang on the big stories of the year. Who won? Find out about!

The first with 32% of the votes was the Mexican artist CARLOS RIVERA with the theme “Por Ti” from La life goes on.

The second was So BIONIC hands and your ‘ magic hours’ widows and children of Rock and Roll.

The third place went to brothers Jesse & Joy with “Cry” from the critically acclaimed Avenida Brazil.

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The Titans know about dentistry: dentist examines the music 32 teeth

How about a bit of music to inspire our day? And preferably music of good quality and that this has nothing to do with teeth. The Titans made a song called 32 teeth and that tells a story that we will talk then. Let’s view the lyrics of the song and you can put on the internet on some website so you can listen to the melody which is very good. We encourage national music, national rock and Albuquerque Dentistry.


TITANS-32 Teeth

“I’m never going to say what I really think

I’m never going to say what I really feel

I swear

I swear (for God)


I don’t trust anyone

I don’t trust anyone

Don’t trust anyone over 30

I don’t trust anyone with 32 Teeth


My father told me one day that I never lied

But he forgot to tell the truth

I don’t know how to make music, but I do

I can’t sing the songs that I do, but I sing

Nobody knows anything “


We can talk about three theories that might explain the lyrics to that song over theoretical knowledge of dentistry. Let’s take off in a world of assumptions and possibilities:

1-People with 32 teeth must be adults, which have all possible teeth in the mouth, with its central and lateral incisors, canines, premolars and molars, complete different from our children that have around 20 milk teeth, whiten and free from lies, try the Central and lateral incisors, canines and molars of milk, to a lesser extent and proportion. Then the music describes the fact and not being able to trust adults, that adults lie.


2-Another thing that we can think of is with regards to patient with 32 teeth have what we call judgment or teeth third molars permanent; and for the national rock, anything that has much sense is 100% reliable, as is the case of our parents who are synonymous with judgment.

3-listening to the music, thinking of the national rock and in dentistry, we can imagine a third reason for the letter. The third molars, are evolutionary teeth, teeth that are disappearing over the centuries and that have a tendency to stay in the past, disappear. So young people wanted the change, open the minds of the oldest, those who stopped in time and do not understand the musical movement, the transition and the movement of the art must always be free.


If any of these two theories explains the letter? No one besides the composers Branco Mello/Marcelo Fromer/Sérgio Britto can confirm or a big fan of rock nacional and the Titans. Where do you think the idea of the letter? I hope my explanations do make close to the real story and that the national rock has sought some dentistry to make art in the form of music.

Architectures for music

The Orfeo Català-Palau de la Música and Mercedes Soler-Lluró Foundation organized last June 2008, the International Symposium Architectures for music that brought together architects, musicians and stage designers related to the design and construction of auditoriums to reflect on the relationship between architecture and music.

Curated by the Best Roofers in Nashville TN Felix Arranz, the symposium began his tour of the original architecture of the Palau de la Música (Barcelona), the modernist architect Lluis Domenech i Muntaner and now celebrating its centenary, through its expansion, by Oscar Tusquets, and continued with a reflection on significant for music in the Iberian Mediterranean spaces. Subsequently, the contemporary planetary wholeness in American and European audiences are addressed, the review was finished exploring the limits of current thinking in the matter-space condition of architecture, and abstract-temporal music fade. The meeting also claimed luthier condition of architects project responsibly address the world’s largest instrument: an auditorium; he located some of the most unique places in the world for music; and showed the various proposals for interdisciplinary fusion in current sensibilities and new artistic and scenic formats.


The architects Oscar Tusquets, Ignacio Paricio, Ángela García de Paredes and Ignacio Pedrosa, Carlos Jimenez and Jean Nouvel gave a series of lectures, various presentations by Lluis Domenech i Girbau, Carlos Ferrater, Ramón Sanabria, Emilio Tuñón were also held and Patxi Mangado, and a staged presentation by the American architect and designer Bob Wilson, performative lectures musician Mauricio Sotelo, the architect Enric Ruiz-Geli in collaboration with musician José Manuel Berenguer, and closing concert of Ryoji Ikeda.

Law of Music awaits approval

SANTO DOMINGO. The bill that protects, promotes, preserves and promotes the dissemination of the Dominican Music and Music Act proposes the creation of the Dominican Institute of Music (Indomusica), which would have a National Studio of Music and also contemplates establishing the Office Defense of the Dominican Music, who will defend the interests of the state and society in this area. The legislative initiative is submitted by the Member and songwriter Manuel Jiménez.

Under the bill, Indomusica be responsible for achieving the objectives of the law, if approved, and ensure the professionalism of performers, by creating academic spaces and ensure updating of teachers as a ten-year plan that involves a transformation revolutionize the artistic musical training in the country.

Article 4 suggests that the Ministry of Culture is the competent authority to enforce the law, and track.

Indomusica have a Council, chaired by the Ministry of Culture, and composed of the Director of the National Conservatory of Music, the National Director of Folklore, the Dean of the Bachelor of Music degree from the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD) and a member of society that has made contributions to Creole music.

Suggests that the institution is directed by a Board, composed of the Minister; the national director of Folklore; President of the General Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers Dominican Music (SGACEDOM); a representative of the Association of Professional Interpreters (SOIMPRO); by civil society, by the president of the Dominican Foundation of Music (FUNDOMMUSICA); the director of the Faculty of Arts at the Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (UASD); and the executive director of the Institute of Music, disenfranchised.

For its part, the National Music Studio’s mission is to protect, disseminate and preserve the music of authors, composers and local performers, which would investigate, recover, would publish and disseminate Dominican music, especially artists and authors are not covered by a contract that preserves their works, unprotected by private record labels, artists and heirs or promoters of Dominican music.

The Dominican government would establish each year the National Prize of the Dominican Music “Jose Reyes”.

In addition to receiving resources allocated in the General State Budget National Studio of Music perform financial sustainability strategies with the marketing of goods and services produced.

Incentives and stimuli

The bill provides incentives for folk music, and states in Article 27 that could be obtained subsidies of up to 20% of music purchases of Dominican authors, through a cultural bond issue the Dominican State encourage music market in the country.

While proposes that the Ministries of Culture and Education cycles promote musical training courses in reading scores, theory and history in order to make known the national repertoire, authors, composers and performers.

Another measure would be to promote the creation of orchestras, choirs, bands and marching bands at all levels of training. Institutions should promote student participation in music activities with scholarships, cash prizes, musical instruments and others.

Functions Attorney

The Attorney for the Defense of the Dominican Music, as a dependency of the Attorney General of the Republic, exert represent and defend the interests of the state and society in this area, and the actions and representing the public interest, as an procedural part in all trials for violations of this law, the law 65-00 on Copyright and other legal provisions related to music and their holders.

He will represent the State in actions arising with attacks on the dissemination and promotion of the national repertoire and its authors, composers and performers.

It will also ensure that the laws of copyright, Judicial Organization of the Republic and related are met.


The bill proposes to establish a fine of 100 to 1.000 minimum wages in the public sector to the station manager, programmer, or his pattern, coordinates and provides placement of music or television programs radial plant and any other means are not placed in 50% of their programming Dominican music.

In case of recidivism, the fine will be doubled, and may order the closure of the radio station, television, or other media for a period not exceeding 30 days.

Article 46 provides that if an artistic employer does not comply with the provisions of articles 33, 34 and 35 of the bill, on the obligation to submit at least one performer or Creole orchestra for every performer Foreign grouping shall be sentenced to correctional imprisonment of two months to three years and shall be fined from 100 to 1.000 minimum wages in the public sector.

The same penalty is imposed on the television programs which do not specify the name of the author of a musical work, when performed live, taped or video clip and advertising the show in which no mention of the name of the artist is made or Dominican group.


In Chapter V of stimuli and incentives provides that the television, radio or other media must allocate in its programming not less than 50% of Creole music, 40% to the music they see fit, and 10% music classical or folk roots and oral tradition of authors, composers and singers Dominicans.

That aspect has been questioned by the Dominican Association of Broadcasters (ADORA), owners and managers of broadcasters and other sectors on the grounds that it would be a setback to the progress made in the country. 

Music therapy helps to improve your health

The music therapy is within the field of recuperative medicine is used as a remedy or control stress , socialization problems, as well as physical, mental and emotional disorders. This practice therapy is the use of music and its elements by a qualified professional with a patient or group, in a process designed to facilitate and promote communication, learning, mobilization, expression or other relevant therapeutic, in order to attend physical, psychological, social and cognitive needs.The intent is to restore functions of the individual to reach a better intra- and interpersonal organization and thus improve their quality of life . The therapist uses music as a treatment method should know exactly when and how to strengthen or weaken, as necessary, those qualities inherent to being.


A little history

In the late nineteenth century  Émile Jaques- Dalcroze Austrian musician and educator, he developed a method for learning and experiencing music through movement. He said that the human body was capable of being educated according to the pulse of the music, which made ​​it became the precursor of music therapy as a medical alternative for the treatment of various diseases The therapeutic influence of music is complex biologically as it involves the structures and functions of the central nervous system , the glands secretion and our bodies.According to the combination of its characteristics ( melody, harmony, rhythm, timbre ) and the particular psychic disposition of the patient, music can come mobilize or block the emotional sensitivity of people and their memory and imagination.


“If I were a dictator, would force each person, between 4 and 80 years old, listening to Mozart for at least 15 minutes a day, at least five years.” – Sir Thomas Beecham (English musician director: 1879-1961)

Search your melody

As each health problem Wie lange wirkt kamagra?  , there are therapeutic classical pieces: 1 Insomnia:Chopin Nocturnes (op 9 No. 3, Op 15 No. 22, Op 32 No 1; op 62 # 1….) Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun, Debussy Canon in D, Pachebel. 2 Hypertension . The Four Seasons, Vivaldi, Serenade No. 13 in G Major, Mozart 3 Depression: Piano Concerto No. 3, Rachmaninov. . Water Music Handel Violin Concerto, Beethoven, Symphony No 8 Dvorak. 4 Anxiety: Concierto de Aranjuez, Rodrigo. Four Seasons, Vivaldi. The Linz Symphony, K425, Mozart. 5 Headache: Dream of love, Liszt.Serenade, Schubert. Hymn to the Sun, Rimsky-Korsakov. 6 Stomach pain: Music for Mesa, Telemann.Concierto Harp, Haendel. Oboe Concerto, Vivaldi. 7 Energy:Karelia Suite, Sibelius. Serenade for Strings (op. 48), Tschaikovsky. Overture to William Tell, Rossini.

Removing dents Trumpet ball bearings

Repair dents in a lead pipe can be achieved with ball bearings skf or vong bi skf in vietnamese.



Dents a  trumpet  affect your sound and make field is lost.  small dents, especially in the lead pipe, create problems with intonation and sound quality. A method for removing  dents involves the use of  trumpet  ball  bearings skf steel are the same size as the lead pipe.  You can special order the right size ball bearing skf of a music store in your area.  Normally, balls  bearings  are available only for manufacturers of trumpet and music workshops.  No But any steel ball that fits inside the main pipe of the trumpet will work.


What you need


Strong Magnet


Measure opening of the main pipe of the trumpet and find a ball bearing that fits inside the tube lead trumpet.  It has to fit snugly, provided the ball bearing fits easily inside.  The bearing most commonly used balls that works in most trumpets is 1/4 inch wide.


Wrap a high-strength magnet on a soft cloth and place the magnet on the top of the pipe in which there is a dent.


Place the ball bearing inside the trumpet and use the magnet to roll the ball over the dent from the inside of the trumpet.  Continue to roll until it disappears Dent Dent.


Tips and Warnings

Most music stores will  remove  dents in the instrument for a small fee. Consider an evaluation of a music store before attempting this repair yourself