Accounting song by Monty Python

In 1982, Terry Gilliam makes the opening scene of the new movie Monty Python: The Meaning of Life. It depicts senior accountants – if older they should be long retired. This prologue is called The Crimson Permanent Assurance. The Meaning of Life will be distinguished in Cannes the following year by the grand jury’s special prize.

The crew of this building which is detached from the City from the high seas soon intones one of those beloved of the British sea shanties:

It’s funny to charter an accountant
From sailing on the Sea Accounting.
Find and explore the offshore funds
by avoiding sinking a bankruptcy
Insurance is a hard business website to bake
We will reap your rewards twice a year
This is tax deductible
We’re kind of incorruptible
We sail on the Sea Accounting

It’s fun to charter an accountant,
And sail the wide accountan-cy.
To find, explore the funds offshore,
And skirt the shoals of bankruptcy.
It Can Be manly in insurance.
We’ll up your Semi-Annually premium.
It’s all tax -deductible,
We’re Fairly incorruptible.
We’re sailing on the wide accountancy.

[To hear the song, click here]

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