4 perfect movies for music lovers

You’re a lover of cinema and good music? You are looking for some movies with great soundtrack? So you can not miss these four hymns films presented by movie4k .


The film and the music always have been well. In fact, since until the film was sound, the music was already doomed to deal with this new art, serving as backdrop for all those scenes in motion that people looked perplexed and sceptical at the beginning. So much so that many times has been the music the main reason to shoot a film, that we do not understand some films without their respective soundtracks or that, simply, the film was a musical. But the film has also served at times to satisfy the concerns of many music lovers: either telling the story of groups (and entire generations) or serving as an extension of the creativity of some musicians. Proof of this, these four films about music perfect for lovers of good soundtracks. These films are all available and free on project free tv.

24 Hours Party People

The Decade of the 80s forever changed the history of British music and 24 Hours Party People is perhaps the best film to document everything that was conceived in the 1980s Manchester. Following in the footsteps of Tony Wilson, this fake documentary shows us the history of groups such as Joy Division and the Happy Mondays, as well as focusing on one of the most legendary clubs of those years (finance). One of the best films on music of the United Kingdom and key to understanding the importance of that Manchester and his music.

Part Of The Weekend Never Dies

We have all seen children preppies taking drug and adhering in fervent manner to any current electronic music but Part Of The Weekend is much more. In addition to the appearance of some of the greats of electronics, it is accompanied by 2manydjs (Soulwax members) by a world tour. What makes it a piece worthy of viewing? Impeccable Assembly, carrying the mashups of the djs to the photo field. Impressive.


As mentioned above, the history of British music is linked to the Manchester of the 80s and the reference group, which started it all, was Joy Division. Controltraces the history of the group, particularly focusing on the figure of the leader of the band – Ian Curtis and his dramatic final. For me, the best film of music that has been done in the history of the cinema, a gem that should be envisioned to understand the importance of the Group of Curtis and his printing press in British music.


Trainspotting is not a film about music, the soundtrack that accompanies each of the planes of this film is the constant anthem of a generation lost, trapped and affected by the tragedy of AIDS and overdose. An essential jewel for anyone who wants to see some of the best songs that has given the United Kingdom and want to discover a very different from the guidebooks of Scotland.

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