10 songs about coffee

My friends or those accompanying me for some time by the “cyberspace” know that I love coffee. Hot, cold, with liquor or whiskey, this delicious bebiba originated in Ethiopia is part of my 3 C’s productivity:

Coffee – Chocolate – Coca-Cola

There is a magic in coffee that will never be achieved by some energy. Even a Red Bull stupidly cold does not give you the pleasure of a freshly ground coffee. And what about the Cappuccino? His mouth watered just thinking … lol. The aroma, color and taste of coffee complement giving you that sense of joy and well-being that is unlike any drink.

Drink coffee, therefore I am!

That said, this is the best list of songs about coffee you find on the internet. Then prepared a mixture of intense songs, mad, sad, obscure and popular that you should listen and enjoy.


10. Black Coffee – Everlast

A quiet song watered by a hoarse voice (I love this voice style) which speaks of the story of a woman let a man “sober and serious, and black coffee.”

9. Black Coffee in Bed – Squeeze

Pop English early 80s that featured Elvis Costello on backing vocals.

8. Kids on Coffee – The Descendents

Energetic, catchy and fast as any punk quality of being.

7. The Coffee Song – Frank Sinatra

A very humorous song that has the vision somewhat exaggerated the great Sinatra passing by Brazil and witness our culture over coffee. Click here to see the translation .

“The daughter of a politician was accused of drinking water … You go out with a girl and discovers after she smells like a colander …”

6. Racist Coffee – Julian Smith

In this eclectic list, could not miss the little song gum, is not it?

“Some only drink it white, some only drink it black, but we drink it both ways so we do not get flack”

5. Black Coffee – Humble Pie

Known for great song ” I Do not Need No Doctor “and to have as an integral none other than Peter Frampton, one of the greatest guitarists of all time. The BLack Coffee song is one that I like this list.

4. Black Coffee – Black Flag

Anger, caffeine and paranoia! O /

3. Black Coffee – Ella Fitzgerald

Slowing down, past midnight, reaching that sad and gloomy air. Ella Fitzgerald brings us three minutes of peace and comfort through his beautiful voice a firm and velvety tone. Launched in 1948, Black Coffee is another great song about one of his moments when he saw the edge of madness, talking to the shadows in the cold dawn watered nicotine and black coffee.

2. Cigarettes and Coffee – Otis Redding

For those who raise before waking up, grean coffee bean is our fuel. At the same time, in the last hours of the day, the coffee helps you to relax after a long day at work and in my case, continue to have good ideas about life, the universe and everything else to write and share here with you .

Cigarettes and Coffee is a gentle and passionate song about the loves of life.

1. One More Cup of Coffee – Bob Dylan

No comments for Bob Dylan … just listen and feel.

Now comment on your passion and what your favorite type of coffee.

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