5 songs to listen to while you clean your house

We know: come home and everything is super clean and tidy is comforting. But (there’s always a but) the truth is that most of us gives us lots and lots fiaca scouring roll up.

Personally I find an ally in music: it is stimulating, it relaxes me otherwise predisposed to take the broom by the horn and start. Because I believe in the effectiveness of my recipe (and I guess many of you use it), I leave a selection of songs that should not miss on your track list of home cleaning. Listen to this list from maid service toronto and add their favorite songs to the list!

“Hot Stuff” – Donna Summer
A classic disco that many will remember in one of the best scenes of tragicomic film . The Full Monty Remember the group of men desperate reviewing the choreography in an unemployment office?

“I want to break free” – Queen
Queen There are many songs that can accompany us in housework, but it has the bonus of your video clip, which can be a fun Freddy Mercury disguised as a woman and a apiradora in hand.

“Dude looks like a lady” – Aerosmith
If a housewife with all letters, that’s Mrs. Doubtfire: kitchen like gods, cleans and cares for the kids. Watch him dance to Robin Williams in the skin of this adorable woman is really exciting (or not?).

“Can’t touch this” – MC Hammer
‘s energy Cameron Diaz (Natalie Cook in Charlie’s Angels) in full move is, the less enviable. If you are a bit lazy, movement of hips lace sympathetic surely will spread.Above and clean!

“Old time rock and roll” – Bob Seger
Unforgettable and unforgettable scene of the film Risky Business where a young Tom Cruise dances and sings in shirt and underwear to the tune of “Old Time Rock and Roll” by Bob Seger. Cited in programs like Alf and The Nanny, represents the ideal way to put wave housework losing all shame.


Accounting song by Monty Python

In 1982, Terry Gilliam makes the opening scene of the new movie Monty Python: The Meaning of Life. It depicts senior accountants – if older they should be long retired. This prologue is called The Crimson Permanent Assurance. The Meaning of Life will be distinguished in Cannes the following year by the grand jury’s special prize.

The crew of this building which is detached from the City from the high seas soon intones one of those beloved of the British sea shanties:

It’s funny to charter an accountant
From sailing on the Sea Accounting.
Find and explore the offshore funds
by avoiding sinking a bankruptcy
Insurance is a hard business website to bake
We will reap your rewards twice a year
This is tax deductible
We’re kind of incorruptible
We sail on the Sea Accounting

It’s fun to charter an accountant,
And sail the wide accountan-cy.
To find, explore the funds offshore,
And skirt the shoals of bankruptcy.
It Can Be manly in insurance.
We’ll up your Semi-Annually premium.
It’s all tax -deductible,
We’re Fairly incorruptible.
We’re sailing on the wide accountancy.

[To hear the song, click here]

The best movie songs of the 80

Continuing the list of the best songs from films of the ’80s , then we give the second part of the previous game, characterized by songs built with a delicate pastries pop that helped popularize ten box office films that burst in this unforgettable decade.

1) “All time high” (RITA COOLIDGE):

Central theme of the James Bond film “Octopussy”, starring actor Roger Moore, the 1983 song composed by John Barry and Tim Rice and performed by singer Rita Coolidge reached number 1 in the rankings adult-contemporary pop. The video for the song, which begins with a powerful and melancholic sax scene before entering the velvety voice of Coolidge, is filmed in a palace that seems to India, although in reality it is a historic English residence. The funny movie of 2012 “Ted” which is a womanizing, pill teddy bear comes to life, the character played by actor Marl Wahlberg plays this song in a live


Composed by the talented singer, guitarist and producer Jeff Lynne, leader of the Electric Ligh Orchestra (ELO), 1980 this song was the theme of the movie “Xanadu” starring Australian singer Olivia Newton John. The theme, played by the same Olivia and ELO, the chorus has voiced by Lynne. For the Electric Light Orchestra, this song meant the only number 1 which took in England, their country of origin, since it also reached in a dozen countries.

3) “If you leave” (OMD):

This 1986 song composed and performed by the English synth-pop duo Orchestal Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD) is part of the soundtrack of the movie “Pretty in Pink” (known in Spain as “La Chica de Rosa”) . The song, an elegant pop piece that was recorded without many expectations, became an international hit, reaching the top spot in countries like USA, Canada and Australia.

4) “What a feeling (IRENE CARA):

Played by actress and singer Irene Cara, who rose to fame in his country playing a role in the movie “Who Moved my Cheese PDF“, this song was the theme of the hit soundtrack to the movie “who move my cheese pdf“. The song won the 1983 Academy Award for Best Original Song and a Grammy Award for Best Actress.

5) “The heat is on” (Glenn Frey):

This song, performed by Glenn Frey, former member of the Eagles group was the main theme of the movie “Beverly Hills Cop” (known in Chile as “A loose detective in Hollywood”), consecrated internationally comedian Eddie Murphy. The song also singer’s vocal contribution emphasizes, frantic and repetitive input sax, rhythmic drums and a guitar solo right, by the same Glenn Frey.

6) “Ghostbusters” (RAY PARKER JR.):

Performed by singer Ray Parker Jr. is catchy and funny song was the main theme of the 1984 hit movie “Ghostbusters” (or “Ghostbusters”). In the video for you can see several famous American artists of the time (the singers Carly Simon and Irene Cara and comedians John Candy, Danny de Vito and Chevy Chase, among others) singing the chorus of the theme.

7) “The power of love” (HUEY LEWIS AND THE NEWS):

1985 This song was composed and performed by specially Huey Lewis and The News for use in the cult comedy “Back to the future” (“Back to the Future”), who launched to fame by actor Michael J. Fox. song was nominated for the Oscar for best original song reached number 1 in the prestigious magazine Billboard. The same singer Huey Lewis has a brief role in the film, playing an unsympathetic jury in a rock band audition unceremoniously rejected the group led by Marty McFly, the character played by Fox.

8. “Let’s hit it for the boy” (Deniece Williams):

This song, performed by singer color Deniece “Niecy” Williams and included in the hit movie “Footloose”, reached number 1 in the US in 1984. In the film the theme appears when the main character played by actor Kevin Bacon A newcomer to a small American town where music is banned for being subversive, teaches dance to his best friend, a young farmer who has not the slightest notion of rhythm and coordination words.

9) “Nowhere Fast” (FIRE INC.):

Performed by American band Fire Inc. 1984 this song was one of the most successful singles from the soundtrack of the movie “Streets of Fire” (“Streets of Fire”). In the film, the theme is played by one of the main characters, the singer Ellen Aim, characterized by the beautiful actress Diane Lane.

10) “She’s like the wind” (PATRICK SWAYZE):

This unforgettable ballad performed by singer and dancer Patrick Swayze, in collaboration with singer Wendy Fraser, was part of the soundtrack of the movie “Dirty Dancing”. The song, originally composed by Swayze and Widelitz Stacy for a movie called “Grandview” was ruled out for this film, but Swayze is the later sang the producers and the director of “Dirty Dancing”, who accepted immediately so that included in the soundtrack of the film. The song peaked at number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 and # 1 on the US Adult Contemporary Top.

Removing dents Trumpet ball bearings

Repair dents in a lead pipe can be achieved with ball bearings skf or vong bi skf in vietnamese.



Dents a  trumpet  affect your sound and make field is lost.  small dents, especially in the lead pipe, create problems with intonation and sound quality. A method for removing  dents involves the use of  trumpet  ball  bearings skf steel are the same size as the lead pipe.  You can special order the right size ball bearing skf of a music store in your area.  Normally, balls  bearings  are available only for manufacturers of trumpet and music workshops.  No But any steel ball that fits inside the main pipe of the trumpet will work.


What you need


Strong Magnet


Measure opening of the main pipe of the trumpet and find a ball bearing that fits inside the tube lead trumpet.  It has to fit snugly, provided the ball bearing fits easily inside.  The bearing most commonly used balls that works in most trumpets is 1/4 inch wide.


Wrap a high-strength magnet on a soft cloth and place the magnet on the top of the pipe in which there is a dent.


Place the ball bearing inside the trumpet and use the magnet to roll the ball over the dent from the inside of the trumpet.  Continue to roll until it disappears Dent Dent.


Tips and Warnings

Most music stores will  remove  dents in the instrument for a small fee. Consider an evaluation of a music store before attempting this repair yourself