10 songs about coffee

My friends or those accompanying me for some time by the “cyberspace” know that I love coffee. Hot, cold, with liquor or whiskey, this delicious bebiba originated in Ethiopia is part of my 3 C’s productivity:

Coffee – Chocolate – Coca-Cola

There is a magic in coffee that will never be achieved by some energy. Even a Red Bull stupidly cold does not give you the pleasure of a freshly ground coffee. And what about the Cappuccino? His mouth watered just thinking … lol. The aroma, color and taste of coffee complement giving you that sense of joy and well-being that is unlike any drink.

Drink coffee, therefore I am!

That said, this is the best list of songs about coffee you find on the internet. Then prepared a mixture of intense songs, mad, sad, obscure and popular that you should listen and enjoy.


10. Black Coffee – Everlast

A quiet song watered by a hoarse voice (I love this voice style) which speaks of the story of a woman let a man “sober and serious, and black coffee.”

9. Black Coffee in Bed – Squeeze

Pop English early 80s that featured Elvis Costello on backing vocals.

8. Kids on Coffee – The Descendents

Energetic, catchy and fast as any punk quality of being.

7. The Coffee Song – Frank Sinatra

A very humorous song that has the vision somewhat exaggerated the great Sinatra passing by Brazil and witness our culture over coffee. Click here to see the translation .

“The daughter of a politician was accused of drinking water … You go out with a girl and discovers after she smells like a colander …”

6. Racist Coffee – Julian Smith

In this eclectic list, could not miss the little song gum, is not it?

“Some only drink it white, some only drink it black, but we drink it both ways so we do not get flack”

5. Black Coffee – Humble Pie

Known for great song ” I Do not Need No Doctor “and to have as an integral none other than Peter Frampton, one of the greatest guitarists of all time. The BLack Coffee song is one that I like this list.

4. Black Coffee – Black Flag

Anger, caffeine and paranoia! O /

3. Black Coffee – Ella Fitzgerald

Slowing down, past midnight, reaching that sad and gloomy air. Ella Fitzgerald brings us three minutes of peace and comfort through his beautiful voice a firm and velvety tone. Launched in 1948, Black Coffee is another great song about one of his moments when he saw the edge of madness, talking to the shadows in the cold dawn watered nicotine and black coffee.

2. Cigarettes and Coffee – Otis Redding

For those who raise before waking up, grean coffee bean is our fuel. At the same time, in the last hours of the day, the coffee helps you to relax after a long day at work and in my case, continue to have good ideas about life, the universe and everything else to write and share here with you .

Cigarettes and Coffee is a gentle and passionate song about the loves of life.

1. One More Cup of Coffee – Bob Dylan

No comments for Bob Dylan … just listen and feel.

Now comment on your passion and what your favorite type of coffee.

The Voice: Singer captive wheel chair the jury with voice

Lima (Peru) . Margarita Mora , a brave and talented woman working for chair hire London regardless of her inability to walk without being overcome by the limitations of being prostrate in a wheelchair, came to casting the program and delighted all judges Voice .

The talented woman dazzled with a great presentation on stage, which became even more mysterious when to turn jurors, they encountered a huge curtain that hid the great singer.

When discovered, all came to her to congratulate her and hold her for the courage and talent did not hesitate to show. She thanked everyone for the support he received after the song played.

“Very happy, thank you. Thank you all, the entire jury, thanks to my Virgin of Guadalupe that made me the miracle of being able to pass the casting, “said Margarita.

My 10 songs for the soundtrack of the film 50 shades :)

Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars , appropriate to the story, and a favorite bands Ana.

“Madness” by Muse . Listen to the letters, the male singer finally realizes what she needs. See for yourself … perfect theme for the movie!

Sex On Fire: Kings of Leon

  • Marroon 5 to Love would be a great song for the scene in which Cristian Ana dances to tell Kate that she is leaving the bar.
  • Running out of Air” by Love and Theft

    (Should be the main theme of this 50 Shades of Grey PDF)

  •  Never Say Never  “- The Fray -” Es la canción  del primer episodio de “The Vampire Diaries”.
  • ¿ Phillip Phillips “So Easy ” Perfect for the   film?
  • Rise Against – This Is Letting


2 songs that could have been … But be in other movies.

* This song also preferiria.Aunque think it has been chosen for the soundtrack of the movie “Under the Same Star ”

* And this further , it will be in the Mockingjay The Movie

And Tu … which would you suggest for the official soundtrack of the movie “Fifty Shades of Grey”?

Music to train: Rock

At  home exercises   have another passion besides training and as you can guess from the title of the article, is the  music . We never lose the opportunity to use  music to train  the rhythm of our favorite topics, because it makes the training more fun and and is an alternative way to control the time we’re training.

The home training should be fun because, as we have seen with many colleagues over the years, it is much easier to do  exercises at home  and maintain a definite routine if we associate our training fun and certainly more than a song Help us to continue in those times when we believe we can no more.

Today we have  music to train a style that we love, with classic and modern themes that will give us the momentum we need to train with the Best personal trainer in NYC. Move with these issues!

Rock Playlist: Music for training

AC / DC – Back In Black

Black Sabbath – Paranoid

Motörhead – Ace Of Spades

 Aerosmith – Walk This Way

Guns N ‘Roses – Welcome To The Jungle

Rage Against The Machine – Bulls On Parade

Survivor – Eye Of The Tiger

Pearl Jam – Spin The Black Circle

AC / DC – Thunderstruck

Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song

A train!

Now that you have a good selection of  music for training is time to use it in your next workout routine . And remember that in our youtube channel  can follow our list of rock music and other styles.

We hope your suggestions to include our list!

Our new song with Lidia Damunt: On the island of Scarves

Hello Cuca is one of the most special projects available to the independent Spanish scene. Sound and different letters, not to mention career background who have been with more than 10 years in business. The group maintains a high level and live singer,Lidia Damunt , you can afford to choose out a solo LP, one after guitar.

On the island of scarves could be summarized in this way, with its sights set on the country-blues of the 50s in the US, when old genre had already begun to be more popular and influence beardless targets that would make children ill following the sexiest rock & roll that has ever been.

Well we can talk about Hank Williams (who revisits’ Mansion on a Hill ‘) than Woody Guthrie , who appears something of everyone in the LP of Lidia Damunt . Especially the nerve to the southern, folk music, guitar in hand and very direct.

On Lidia – Aloes 50 m ( YouTube )

The twelve songs can be seen as small hymns ready to get your site with more traditional elements. The sound is not anything special guitars that reiterate the same structure as long, while behind a quiet percussion combined with some ups remains, harmonica makes an appearance on certain issues, and the voice of Lidia Dalmunt is hard and dark, with few concessions to change.

The strength is in the lyrics, where Spanish composer again demonstrates the talent that earned recognition Hello Cuca . Stories nonsensical at first hassles involved in different animals, clothing giving name to an island … every song has its personal touch. Even if we talk about the topic of conceptual album, the title of the LP could give us grounds to do so, since the twelve cuts relate to that island headscarves.

Lidia Damunt – En el fondo del mar ( YouTube )

Not to counteract the power of the title, ‘ Island of Scarves ‘is the best ever. Setting the scene, creating the environment where the next thirty minutes will be developed.Tambourines accompanied by background percussion and mild between voice and instrumental parts recited on said island.

Then they come: the rapid ‘ Eight seahorses ‘warmer in’ Palacio made ​​of rock ‘but with a great letter, classical stuck in’ Jasmine Tea ‘and some dark hand’ Aloes 50m ‘.

On the opposite side you should talk about the monotony of all cuts, one after another, as they do not offer much alternation between them, but the country-blues sometimes has these limitations. As The Island of scarves is rather an album to rescue songs and enjoy them slowly, avoiding repetition, because it is stopping them.

Architectures for music

The Orfeo Català-Palau de la Música and Mercedes Soler-Lluró Foundation organized last June 2008, the International Symposium Architectures for music that brought together architects, musicians and stage designers related to the design and construction of auditoriums to reflect on the relationship between architecture and music.

Curated by the Best Roofers in Nashville TN Felix Arranz, the symposium began his tour of the original architecture of the Palau de la Música (Barcelona), the modernist architect Lluis Domenech i Muntaner and now celebrating its centenary, through its expansion, by Oscar Tusquets, and continued with a reflection on significant for music in the Iberian Mediterranean spaces. Subsequently, the contemporary planetary wholeness in American and European audiences are addressed, the review was finished exploring the limits of current thinking in the matter-space condition of architecture, and abstract-temporal music fade. The meeting also claimed luthier condition of architects project responsibly address the world’s largest instrument: an auditorium; he located some of the most unique places in the world for music; and showed the various proposals for interdisciplinary fusion in current sensibilities and new artistic and scenic formats.


The architects Oscar Tusquets, Ignacio Paricio, Ángela García de Paredes and Ignacio Pedrosa, Carlos Jimenez and Jean Nouvel gave a series of lectures, various presentations by Lluis Domenech i Girbau, Carlos Ferrater, Ramón Sanabria, Emilio Tuñón were also held and Patxi Mangado, and a staged presentation by the American architect and designer Bob Wilson, performative lectures musician Mauricio Sotelo, the architect Enric Ruiz-Geli in collaboration with musician José Manuel Berenguer, and closing concert of Ryoji Ikeda.

The Importance of Columbia Gulf Pipeline

Regular gas is an imperative and essential manifestation of vitality used particularly in created nations. Common gas’ importance and convenience is more often than not contrasted and even connected with the handiness of gas or oil. In the United States alone, there are numerous organizations and commercial enterprises that can never run without characteristic gas supply. Therefore, the significance of Columbia Gulf pipeline can never be belittled. Columbia gas pipeline offices transport characteristic gas from the Gulf of Mexico to New York


It required some investment before every Columbia Gulf pipeline has been completely created and made operational. It is a typical learning that the channels used by every Columbia gas pipeline are hundreds if not a huge number of kilometers long. Such offices are perpetual apparatuses and are presented to natural and social devastations. The presence of a Columbia Gulf pipeline is a living evidence that regular gas transport is imperative. Prior to any Columbia gas pipeline was built, rails and trucks conveyed characteristic gas from Gulf of Mexico to New York. But since such exercises are dull, unsafe and are exorbitant, Columbia Gulf pipeline ventures were placed set up.

For more Columbia Updates logon to  http://columbiapropertysc.com/

In the event that there are still individuals who are not acquainted with the general helpfulness of each Columbia gas pipeline, there is most likely a requirement for them to be reminded. As specified, each Columbia Gulf pipeline capacities to transport characteristic gas from its sources in the Gulf of Mexico a huge number of kilometers towards New York.


The Columbia gas pipeline offices have two terminals, in particular, the getting in New York and the source in the Gulf. The terminals serve as archives and stations where common gas is executed and transported. Accordingly, the gas is made to go without anyone else inside the channels as opposed to being put away in tanks and transported through trucks or trains. Accordingly, hazards in streets and tracks are altogether annihilated.


Beside that, Columbia Gulf pipelines help decreases the expenses of common gas transports. As said, the need to transport by trucks and tracks is crossed out. The main expenses acquired are the operational and upkeep costs of the Columbia gas pipeline stations.


The extent that general open and general wellbeing is concerned, each Columbia gas pipeline is made safe. Through there dependably would be dangers and potential mishap events, each Columbia Gulf pipeline is made to last more, bear outer weights and withstand weathering. In the event that there are certain spillages and weight issues that happen, administrators are obliged to rapidly resolve issues. That is the reason there are various regulations set up to control and screen security procurements in every Columbia gas pipeline.

These are the best songs for traveling by car

The initiative is part of the campaign start amrcha during this Easter by the Traffic Department , for which have opened the web www.limohire-sportcarhire.co.uk , where in addition to the latest proposals on security and recommendations such as not using the caril left more than for overtaking, and not to forget to use the itnermitentes, people who access the site can make suggestions music and vote for your favorite songs.

Surely many drivers have no choice but to resort to the favorite songs of their children, especially if they are small. in that case the “cantajuegos” send , or veterans’ clowns TV “that once were the kings of “radio cassette” , now replaced by a sound system, or even a “spike usb” with all songs we can get into their “gigas”, but then we are not able to find those that want to listen at all times.

Anyway, the list of the DGT is already taking shape with the feedback of drivers accessing your web, and even now available through Spotify , with the title of “Songs for travel ‘ .

In realdiad the list is very varied . Not only more topical songs. Also veterans issues are included selecting the best songs for travel . But if blunts one, this theme “Color esperanza” Diego Torres , now exceeding 97 votes.

The temporary list continues with songs performed by groups and Spanish singers or singing in Spanish. Probably because once inside the car we all feel a little “artists” and protected by the privacy of the vehicle we let go by “choirs” or singing family. Are the group Estopa and “The slit your skirt” who lelvan the moment the silver medal.

The “urban rock” Plasencia group led by Roberto Iniesta, “pouting”ranks third on the list. The eleventh studio album, entitled ‘For all ages “, was released on November 8, 2013, and recently announced their tour throughout Spain , from May to November, with more than 40 concerts scheduled. As you see, they will also tour the country on the thousands of cars that this Easter will be with our roads. Its theme in the list of the DGT is “Love and widens the soul” .

The ‘Top 5′ is completed with the group Donna Regina and its theme”Por La Boca Vive El Pez” in fourth place with a fireproof Joaquín knew that gets put a major dent in the glove of our cars with the theme ‘ Rev up. “

Among the current issues that are part of the selection of drivers through the DGT not lacking, for example, Pharrell Williams and his “Happy” .

We can enjoy a classic of La Guardia as theme “The Road” , Rihannawith the song “Diamonds” , “The Boss” Bruce Springsteen and eternal “Born in the USA” , and closing the ‘Top 10′ Dani Martin and”Que bonita life” .

Law of Music awaits approval

SANTO DOMINGO. The bill that protects, promotes, preserves and promotes the dissemination of the Dominican Music and Music Act proposes the creation of the Dominican Institute of Music (Indomusica), which would have a National Studio of Music and also contemplates establishing the Office Defense of the Dominican Music, who will defend the interests of the state and society in this area. The legislative initiative is submitted by the Member and songwriter Manuel Jiménez.

Under the bill, Indomusica be responsible for achieving the objectives of the law, if approved, and ensure the professionalism of performers, by creating academic spaces and ensure updating of teachers as a ten-year plan that involves a transformation revolutionize the artistic musical training in the country.

Article 4 suggests that the Ministry of Culture is the competent authority to enforce the law, and track.

Indomusica have a Council, chaired by the Ministry of Culture, and composed of the Director of the National Conservatory of Music, the National Director of Folklore, the Dean of the Bachelor of Music degree from the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD) and a member of society that has made contributions to Creole music.

Suggests that the institution is directed by a Board, composed of the Minister; the national director of Folklore; President of the General Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers Dominican Music (SGACEDOM); a representative of the Association of Professional Interpreters (SOIMPRO); by civil society, by the president of the Dominican Foundation of Music (FUNDOMMUSICA); the director of the Faculty of Arts at the Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (UASD); and the executive director of the Institute of Music, disenfranchised.

For its part, the National Music Studio’s mission is to protect, disseminate and preserve the music of authors, composers and local performers, which would investigate, recover, would publish and disseminate Dominican music, especially artists and authors are not covered by a contract that preserves their works, unprotected by private record labels, artists and heirs or promoters of Dominican music.

The Dominican government would establish each year the National Prize of the Dominican Music “Jose Reyes”.

In addition to receiving resources allocated in the General State Budget National Studio of Music perform financial sustainability strategies with the marketing of goods and services produced.

Incentives and stimuli

The bill provides incentives for folk music, and states in Article 27 that could be obtained subsidies of up to 20% of music purchases of Dominican authors, through a cultural bond issue the Dominican State encourage music market in the country.

While proposes that the Ministries of Culture and Education cycles promote musical training courses in reading scores, theory and history in order to make known the national repertoire, authors, composers and performers.

Another measure would be to promote the creation of orchestras, choirs, bands and marching bands at all levels of training. Institutions should promote student participation in music activities with scholarships, cash prizes, musical instruments and others.

Functions Attorney

The Attorney for the Defense of the Dominican Music, as a dependency of the Attorney General of the Republic, exert represent and defend the interests of the state and society in this area, and the actions and representing the public interest, as an procedural part in all trials for violations of this law http://aronberglaw.com/areas-of-practice/automobile-accidents, the law 65-00 on Copyright and other legal provisions related to music and their holders.

He will represent the State in actions arising with attacks on the dissemination and promotion of the national repertoire and its authors, composers and performers.

It will also ensure that the laws of copyright, Judicial Organization of the Republic and related are met.


The bill proposes to establish a fine of 100 to 1.000 minimum wages in the public sector to the station manager, programmer, or his pattern, coordinates and provides placement of music or television programs radial plant and any other means are not placed in 50% of their programming Dominican music.

In case of recidivism, the fine will be doubled, and may order the closure of the radio station, television, or other media for a period not exceeding 30 days.

Article 46 provides that if an artistic employer does not comply with the provisions of articles 33, 34 and 35 of the bill, on the obligation to submit at least one performer or Creole orchestra for every performer Foreign grouping shall be sentenced to correctional imprisonment of two months to three years and shall be fined from 100 to 1.000 minimum wages in the public sector.

The same penalty is imposed on the television programs which do not specify the name of the author of a musical work, when performed live, taped or video clip and advertising the show in which no mention of the name of the artist is made or Dominican group.


In Chapter V of stimuli and incentives provides that the television, radio or other media must allocate in its programming not less than 50% of Creole music, 40% to the music they see fit, and 10% music classical or folk roots and oral tradition of authors, composers and singers Dominicans.

That aspect has been questioned by the Dominican Association of Broadcasters (ADORA), owners and managers of broadcasters and other sectors on the grounds that it would be a setback to the progress made in the country. 



It is very common for classical musicians desconozcamos the proper procedure of drafting and presentation of our curriculum.

Many times, in fact, present just a messy sheet and poor wording, which does nothing but provide poor image of our work and eventually ends “minus points” for future job opportunities (even when we send resume writers perth to press!). Moreover, a small “testament” (by extension) could scare its recipient: a CV of more than 20 sheets is not a CV … it’s a small book!

How to submit, then, a “serious” and specific curriculum that meets our interests and offer a clear, concrete and real image of our artistic and professional training?

It is obvious that the curriculum of an artist is not equal to accountant, architect or civil servant. Have different objectives , different approaches , and especially a different type of “public” or “reader” to which it is intended. When we present a CV in reality we are “selling”our work who reads it, so who would “buy” a curriculum that omits important references or academic training; that is messy, poorly drafted or written entirely in capital letters?

What is a Curriculum? What is it for?

A resume or “resume” is a document that has written about our careers, containing the most relevant of our training, experience, information and anything that might be of interest to our future employers or colleagues.The Curriculum It is almost an “advertising” tool , which serves tohighlight the value of our experience and skills . On many occasions, also writing a CV is useful to order (for ourselves) the steps taken and measured, in concrete terms, possible future goals.


In this section you will find the most common items that can be included on a CV, but beyond the first (academic training, courses taken, etc.) none of them is essential. Moreover, this “model” is quite adaptable to each particular case (eg a CV of a professional orchestral musician will not be the same as a composer, music therapist or music teacher dedicated to teaching children). From No way this provision is mandatory text. In fact, this model can be used to sort the information, and present a curriculum drafted as a “biography” or “resume”. Each CV will be different. What we offer here is a “template” or “guide” base to help us tailor it.

?? Education:
List here venues and dates have completed the studies, degrees obtained (if any) and the place where they have carried out. If the average rating is relevant, enter it also.
According to our experience or trajectory, the list of our studies may be ordered or adapt to the position for which we are postulating, or to the skills and knowledge we want to highlight.

For this, there are some standards organization of information:

1. ascending chronological Curriculum (for those wishing to highlight their positive development)
2. Descending chronological Curriculum (to highlight recent activities)
3. Functional Curriculum (to enhance performance in several specific areas)

?? Courses and seminars conducted:
To complement the academic training courses here related to our area are indicated: “Course Name” (Professor / s, Institution), date and year.If it’s “Lectures”, indicate whether he has participated as an active student or listener. In the event that this section be very extensive, only indicate the most relevant courses and seminars. If there are other courses not directly related to music, can be grouped in a separate section called “other courses” so that “Functional Harmony” or “The piano interpretation of S. XIX” do not go above or beside “Ceremonial and Protocol “or” Event Management “.

?? Scholarships and awards won:
Ditto courses and seminars: Name or Reason Scholarship or Award institution that provides it, date, place, year.

?? Concerts performed:
In this case, it is better sort chronologically concerts. Consign also, if we acted as soloists in an orchestra, if our works have premiered, etc., and place and date.

?? Work experience:
Provide information about places, companies, theaters, institutions, schools, etc., where we worked; functions performed and working time.

?? : Composed and / or arranged Works
To this point, especially if the list is very larga- can muster a table indicating: Name of the Work, Instrumentation, Date of Composition and / or Release.

?? Index:
Indicate works and authors. If it is a very extensive repertoire, they can simply entered styles, periods or aesthetic and authors, without specifying names of works, etc.

?? Courses and seminars taught:
Course Title, Partners, institution and date. If necessary, indicate contents. In case of further material published, noted in the item “Publications”.

?? Publications:
This section may include articles, theses, essays, scores and books (enter if they participated as collaborators, co-authors or authors).
The general standard for bibliographic indication is as follows (with typography below): LAST Author, author’s name (not required this point if it’s own works). Book title. Edition number. Place of publication: Publisher, year. Number of pages. (Collection, collection number). Notes.ISBN xxxxxxxxxx.

?? Recordings:
If you have disks in the “handbook” :), this section serves to detail: name of each disk, general repertoire, date and record label. In some CV (as in we publish Musical Keys) can include links to MP3, demos, etc. Provide also in the case of having participated only as partner, guest artist, producer, sound engineer, etc.

?? Reviews:
If they do and they think fit, it is possible to cite news media reviews, provided by quoting and indicating source and date.

?? Languages:
Consign languages ​​and attainment: high, medium, basic. If there’s degree, also indicate the place and date of accreditation. In the case of singers or choral directors, specify phonetic studies, on what dates and how teachers has been completed.

?? Computers:
Ditto “Languages”. Also, if we experience is important to note managing programs related to our area, eg sound editing programs (Cakewalk, Sonar, etc.) and score editing (Sibelius, Finale, etc.).

?? Data:
This section should include all possible means of contact. plus name and address, not forgetting to include phones (home and cell), mail, means “chat” and website
also, though not at all necessary , place and date of birth, nationality, passport number, marital status, etc.
About the mail and media “chat”, it is important also open an email account more or less serious appearance: for example, the name and name or specialty always “sound” more serious than if our box isgorditobueno@nnnnn.com


Some details that are often overlooked are the correct grammar and spelling. At this point there is no argument: lapses in this regard can jettison all the effort you’ve put into making above the CV and give a very bad image of our professional performance. If we are not sure, remember: the corrector word processors never be enough. In that case, you can consult a dictionary, and, ultimately, help. In the Journal-e “Musical Keys” often offer proofreading and editing service.

And a detail that never enough: in the written text, written entirely in capital sentences are considered “shouting” (for so they are perceived).For more information, please refer to the article “Internet Etiquette Rules”(applicable not only to the web), written by Alvaro Mendoza ( click here ).

Apart from this consideration, all text written in uppercase (or lack of writing, spelling or design ) leaves a very bad feeling of neglect, listlessness and carelessness , as if the expert had made ​​a hurry, or shortly or desire. If you do not have the necessary time, the curriculum is best left for another time, which can properly dedicate to leave well done.

Final Tips

  • Adapt the CV to our specialty (composition, performance, teaching, etc.), and each specific position in which we present the text.
  • If present paper, use one of good quality and Preserve folder (no wrinkles).
  • Caring plus the proper disposal of margins, and not abuse bold colors and underscores. If we make an informal curriculum must not fail to be minimally sober.
  • Highlighting our most relevant skills and differentiate good paragraphs.
  • Only if requested, add one (current and most serious possible) photography.
  • Check CV before turning to check for any forgotten details or oversights reinforced.
  • Check it again.
  • Check it again, just in case.
  • Well, I review it again:-)

How can we help Musical Keys to writing your CV

In this article we have offered several tips do you have proved useful?We assume that if you’ve read this far is because the topic interests you obviously:-) Once you’ve finished writing your CV, maybe you need advice with the wording, layout or design, or want to improve the text.Also (!), You probably do not know what to do with the curriculum once you have done (“Where submission, and how?”). Writing the CV on paper and also in an electronic medium (on a web page, or in PDF or Word format) can represent many advantages for broadcast, and even easier, when editing. As a tool for disseminating what better than a medium that is available 24 hours. a day, 365 days a year?